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Hotel Scam Warning {What You Should Know}


Post last modified – May 29, 2021

Hotel scams are becoming more popular

I recently received an email from a friend who knew I was interested in writing about travel scams. He sent me this popular scam that is known all over the world Hotel fraud.

It looks like if the villains were able to get a little corner to catch innocent victims

First, check out this short CBS News video clip from a travel expert on hotel scams and how to prevent it.

CBS News Watch Beware of Hotel Booking Scandal – YouTube Video

Beware of this world wide hotel scam

Hotel Front Desk Secretary

Here’s how this scam works

Now arrive at your destination and take the road to your chosen hotel and enter the front desk as usual.

When you log in regularly, the person at the front desk will ask for your credit card.

This is a standard procedure that ensures payment and takes care of any additional charges that may be added to your room during your stay. You go to your room and sit down without thinking a second time.

The hotel reception will then receive a call from the person requesting a specific hotel room.

Hotel Deception Warning

For example, suppose your room number is 588. The recipient transmits the call to your room and you answer the call.

This is where the scam starts and someone on the other side tells you…

“Hello, this is the front desk. Unfortunately, after signing up, we had a problem with your credit card file. The card is not verified. Please give me your credit card numbers again and also confirm the last 3 digit numbers on the opposite side of your card for me again? I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. ”

You give this to the respondent without giving a second thought and perhaps because you are tired of the trip, believing that the person is actually at the table in front of the hotel.

Wrong !!!

You are now cheated and the unknown caller now has credit card information and can start making purchases or whatever you choose to do with your card.

Before many call the room, call the front desk and you can even find your name.

Credit cards

As we begin to understand more and more each year, a person should never give up his or her personal work over the phone, on the Internet or in any other form of communication, not knowing who that person or business is in advance.

It was a lesson I learned later Never click on an email link or attachment file Unless you are absolutely sure where it came from!

Even this can sometimes be dangerous with regular e-mails.

How to avoid being a victim of this hotel fraud

Hotel fraud

If you find yourself in a similar situation during your hotel stay or any other similar situation, immediately inform them that you are at the front desk to talk in person, not on the phone.

You need to go straight to the front desk to investigate and confirm the call with them.

If there is no question over the phone, the hotel manager should advise that someone has tried to scam your credit card information. Inform them of the call details so that you can take action to prevent further similar calls.

Hotel Deception Warning

These fraudsters are very vulnerable and always try to keep people safe. It is very easy to slip into a state of inactivity, especially after a long day of travel.

Banner of final ideas

Just remember again to always be sure who you give your personal information to anywhere and any time!

Safe and healthy trips! 🙂

Signed by author and owner Robert Teller at https://gr8traveltips.com

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