Hourly delays expected on the Ipswich-Palisander rail line as an alleged hijacked excavator passes over the rails

Rail passengers on the Ipswich-Rosewood line could expect up to an hour’s delay this morning after an alleged stolen excavator drove along tracks west of Brisbane, damaging the rail line.

Police said the excavator was first used in an attack on a motorcycle store in West Ipswich shortly before 4:00.

The officers chased a criminal who dumped a car near Dinmore station.

Police said the excavator drove and re-entered the rail corridor several times, driving through back yards and causing additional property damage.

Police said that when the car entered the train corridor in Dinmore again, it got stuck in a ditch.

The 41-year-old male driver tried to escape on foot, but was soon detained by the police.

A rescue vehicle arrived at the scene, and the excavator got stuck in a ditch.
Authorities were present at the scene when an excavator got stuck in a ditch near the train tracks in Dinmore.(ABC News: Paul Adams)

The police said the man was helping them with the investigation.

Inspector Darren Greene said that when police found the car, the arrow showed “a couple of motorcycles being loaded onto a truck.”

“These motorcycles were dropped by the driver while driving towards the police,” he said.

Inspector Green said police are investigating whether the tractor was stolen from Queensland Rail.

“I noticed the Queensland Rail label on it, but we don’t know where it came from or how it became it,” he said.

Tracks damaged in several places

A fence has been moved near the railroad tracks.
Railroad tracks and other property were damaged when an excavator drove past the Ipswich-Palisander line this morning.(ABC News: Paul Adams)

All trains between Ipswich and Darrah are stopped while transports attempt to repair damaged tracks.

Queensland Rail CEO Nick Easy said the rails were damaged in several places.

“Our teams are completing comprehensive inspections and performing any required repairs before resuming work,” said Mr. Easy.

“We will keep customers informed and encourage them to continue checking the TransLink website for service updates.”

Mr. Easy said the excavator also hit a stopped train in Ipswich, which was empty.

He said the train suffered limited damage and Queensland Rail will investigate the incident.

Ipswich passenger Kelvin told ABC Radio Brisbane that he waited for the train to Redcliffe for two hours from 5:00 am to 7:00 am with no information as Queensland Rail organized buses.

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