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Housemarque Found About $ 70 Time Payment Tag At The Same Time As Else


For some players, it has been an interesting challenge to fit the $ 70 price point for some next gen games, and this includes Return developers in Housemarque.

According to Taxis, Housemarque learned that Returnal will be priced at $ 70 in conjunction with the general public.

Housemarque marketing director Mikael Haveri shared how Returnal’s internal demos continue to amaze Sony, which is funding the game. After each demo the studio presented to Sony, Haveri said Housemarque “gained a bit of usability to take over it more and grow the game.”

These positive impressions led to Returnal’s expansion scope, and then, it became one of the first games in decades to sell for more than $ 60. Housemarque’s team learned about Sony’s decision to price most next gen games that are $ 70 “at the same time as the general public” back on September 2020.

Earlier Housemarque titles, such as Resogun or Nex Machina, tended to sell at the ballpark for $ 20 given their arcade, smaller in nature compared to 3D Returnal.

Despite the history of this lower price, Housemarque is already committed to making Returnal a bigger game than previous titles after announcing in 2017 that “the arcade is dead.” This was after unsatisfactory sales for the Nex Machina, which prompted Housemarque to begin the console development adventure.

Housemarque reiterated in the interview that it focuses on bringing “new content and updates and fixes,” to Returnal, referring known issues with saving file corruption as well as Returnal which does not allow players to save in the middle of a likely multi-hour run. Housemarque has repeatedly clarified that they have heard fans ’comments, but it will appear a satisfactory solution is something that the studio continues to work on and cannot promise a specific timeline to.

Despite those issues, Returnal appears to be a huge success for Housemarque, who previously suffered through insignificant sales of previous games. Housemarque told Axios that the studio now staffs 85 people, “so we’re bigger now than ever.”

If you’re worried that some of the basic principles of the Housemarque games might change, the studio wants fans to rest easy. “Arcade as the main principle of all our games, the gameplay part of it, that’s exactly what we bring to the new titles we create,” Haveri said.

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Joseph Knoop is a writer for IGN.

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