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How Do the Housing Platforms of NYC Mayoral Candidates Stack Up?


‘If NYC’s leadership can commit to ending traffic deaths – not only to the tools they will use to achieve this, but to the real goal – then they will do the same to housing issues. who shape our lives,” housing advocate ANHD said in its analysis of candidates’ written policies.

Adi Talwar

An affordable building in Brooklyn.

None of the leading Democratic candidates running for mayor in the June 22 primaries have made a specific commitment to reducing the rent burden or ending homelessness in New York City. Analysis of platforms written by the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD) of top candidates.

While candidates have proposed policy changes aimed at addressing the housing crisis, advocates are pushing City Hall candidates to set clear goals of reducing homelessness and increasing affordability, similarly to the city’s Vision Zero program. How the target is built around. Eliminating traffic deaths.

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“To be clear, each candidate’s platform includes a commitment to subsidy programs, construction units, and implementing policies such as fair housing enforcement and homeownership assistance, and all of these make a lot of sense,” said the analysis, according to nonprofit housing organizations. issued by the Coalition. said.

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“But if anything has been clarified in the past several administrations, it is the details that matter – the units built, the redistribution of neighborhoods, the money invested, and the laws passed. Doesn’t necessarily translate to decreased homelessness and increased affordability if these are not clearly set out as metrics by which we can hold our city government accountable,” the ANHD said. “If NYC’s leadership can commit to ending traffic deaths—not only to the tools they’ll use to achieve this, but to the real goal—they will be the ones shaping our lives.” Should be able to do the same on housing issues.”

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