How Jen Shah played his shocking arrest on RHOSLC

“Her life made no sense to me and how much money she had,” Whitney snapped. “But I did not think it was something like that, I thought she had a Sugar Daddy or something.”

Cut to Doorbell security camera footage of NYPD officers, Homeland Security and many SWAT team members who raided Jen’s home with guns. The footage shows one of Jen’s boys being escorted out of the chalet with his hands in the air.

Lisa FaceTimes Meredith Marks, who sets up the vacation rental to break the news about Jen’s arrest. “Honestly, I’m not surprised by this,” Meredith admits, shocking all four women. “Too many things have not happened and I suspect something was going on for a while. And now it’s validated that I was right, I’m not crazy.”

While there is no actual footage of Jen’s handcuffs, we see her coming out of jail later that day as the news crews swim her.