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How Ketamine Therapy is Changing Treatment for Depression


How Ketamine Therapy is Changing Treatment for Depression

When it comes to treatment-resistant mental health disorders like depression, ketamine therapy May work where other treatments have failed. While there is a negative stigma due to illegal use of the drug, it has been found to be extremely beneficial, and is also considered a life saver by those who have used it. From understanding medicine to expanding its use and other ways it can help patientsHere’s what you need to know.

How Ketamine Provides Solutions

Ketamine is an anesthetic that has been around for quite some time, but it has found a new purpose in the treatment of mental health disorders such as depression, especially for those whose symptoms are unchanged by other common treatments. Dr. Daniel Barton, a Nashville-based psychiatrist, noted that ketamine “acts much faster than other drugs, and is therefore a real effective treatment when a patient has been suffering for a very long time.” Compared to other treatments, for example, ketamine IV therapy is given to people over a longer period of time in low doses, making it well tolerated by patients.

However, due to its history of being used recreationally, it may surprise many. What does ketamine therapy feel like. Known as an antisocial anesthetic and often associated with swimming and a feeling of relaxation, many people describe the feeling of being in a dream-like state with ketamine therapy.

While intravenous ketamine therapy can be fast-acting, it sometimes improves symptoms of depression. within a few hours of first aidHowever, it is important to note that ketamine therapy for depression is not for everyone. In addition to what is still viewed as controversial by some and the potential for drug abuse, it is important to note that people who have used the drug experience varying levels of success depending on individual factors. – such as how long a person has been depressed or how severe their symptoms are.

expanding drug use

Because of its benefits, ketamine is growing in popularity. In fact, according to a study in the American Journal of Psychiatry, intravenous ketamine therapy may be safe and effective in adolescents with treatment-resistant depression. The teens in the study actually reported Significant reduction in depressive symptoms After 24 hours, compared to those receiving the drug midazolam. Ketamine therapy for depression is becoming more widespread around the world, along with the expansion of use for younger patients. Ketamine is now being used Authorized clinical settings in Singapore To treat people with major depressive disorder who are not otherwise responding to treatment. For example, esketamine, a modified version of the drug, has been approved and is used via a nasal spray to treat two patients.

Ketamine and Eating Disorders

While ketamine has the potential to revolutionize the way treatment-resistant depression is treated, it is also important to recognize that the drug’s benefits may be useful in treating those living with other issues, such as eating disorders. Anticipating a 300% increase in client visits this year, NovaMind, a Toronto-based mental health company that focuses on psychedelic research and treatment, actually offers ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. Dr. Reed Robinson, a psychotherapist and chief medical officer of NovaMind, notes that ketamine isn’t just a treatment for depression, and it has many other benefits. Anorexia is an example of an eating disorder with a high mortality rate, and NovaMind is just a pioneer in the use of ketamine to treat eating disorders, as it uses a combination of ketamine and psychotherapy. and seeing positive results.

Despite the negative connotations with ketamine, the drug has shown massive promise in treating mental health disorders such as depression, giving people who haven’t found a new outlook on life with conventional treatments. Because of such discoveries and benefits, the drug is increasing in popularity, and new uses for it – such as for the treatment of eating disorders – are being explored.

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