May 7, 2021


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How many penalties did Bruno Fernandez score for Manchester United?

Bruno Fernandez He may have only spent 15 months at Manchester United, but he scored in history as one of their most prolific players ever from a penalty kick.

Fernandez scored the club’s 20th penalty kick on Thursday in the Europa League semi-final with Roma. Remarkably, only Ruud van Nistelrooy and Wayne Rooney, who spent five and 13 years at Old Trafford respectively, have transformed more than ever.

There was more than one hint of the award controversy as well, as Edinson Cavani was judged to have been stabbed late.

However, Fernandez showed his impressive header in front of goal to block from 12 yards, helping his team to achieve an overall 6-2 victory over the Italian team and helping them reach the final. Earlier, the recording opened with a masterful final touch after a good interaction with Edinson Cavani.

Fernandez now has as many as 36 goals in total Manchester UnitedBut more than half of those were scored with a penalty.

It’s a skill in which he excels, although fans of rival clubs would undoubtedly suggest he’s exercising a lot. In fact, he only missed it once Manchester United, While also seeing a penalty kick stopped in the UEFA Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain only for a win.

In fact, it wasn’t more than 32 days without taking a penalty kick in her competitive match Manchester United During the season.

His stats, then, have been largely shattered with penalties.

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