How Many Rings Does Odell Beckham Jr. Have? (2022)

Odell Beckham Jr. #3 of the Los Angeles Rams
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Odell Beckham Jr. stands out in the crowd of football players in the National Football League, with his previous brightly dyed hair and love of jewelry.

Although he may have once been one of the most controversial players in the professional league, Beckham’s recent Super Bowl win has taken some of the public heat off of him.

Some have believed that their teams would be better off without this wide receiver, but his performance during the Super Bowl LVI was more than enough to prove the non-believers wrong.


How Many Rings Does Odell Beckham Jr. Have?

Odell Beckham Jr, professional football player, investor, and entrepreneur, speaks during the Bitcoin 2022 Conference at the Miami Beach Convention Center on April 7, 2022 in Miami, Florida. The worlds largest bitcoin conference runs from April 6-9, expecting over 30,000 people in attendance and over 7 million live stream viewers worldwide.
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Odell Beckham Jr. only has one ring, having won his first Super Bowl in 2021 with the Los Angeles Rams.

He helped the Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 to take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl LVI.

During the Super Bowl, Beckham had two receptions for 52 yards and scored the first touchdown of the game.

Beckham could have potentially helped his new team out more if he hadn’t suffered a serious knee injury in the first half.

Despite his injury, Beckham was able to celebrate with the rest of the Los Angeles Rams.

Winning the Super Bowl was a dream come true for Beckham, even if his injury had forced him to spend most of the game on the sideline and supporting his team morally.


What Happened To Odell Beckham Jr. At The Super Bowl?

Odell Beckham Jr. #3 of the Los Angeles Rams catches the ball in the second quarter of the game against the Cincinnati Bengals during Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium on February 13, 2022 in Inglewood, California.
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Odell Beckham Jr. tore his ACL in a non-contact knee injury, which pulled him from the Super Bowl field.

Despite only having played during the first half, Beckham was able to contribute greatly and even scored the first touchdown of the game.

Beckham was taken to a back room where he was examined and told that he wouldn’t be able to return to the field.

Although Beckham wanted to grieve the opportunity that he felt he had missed, the wide receiver was told to go back out on the sideline to support his team because this moment in his career was so much bigger than just himself.

When the Los Angeles Rams pulled off their tight victory against the Cincinnati Bengals, Beckham was glad that he was there to support his team and watch them pull off the victory that he had helped set the team up for in the first half.

Super Bowl LVI marked the second time that Odell Beckham Jr. had torn his ACL on the same knee, which is more than enough to strike fear into whatever team acquires him next.

Beckham tore his ACL for the first time in 2020 while chasing down Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Darius Phillips.

With two non-contact knee injuries to the left knee, Beckham’s only hope for longevity in the National Football League will be to focus on limiting damage to his left knee.

One knee injury was already enough to heavily affect his stats with the Cleveland Browns, which left him only being able to catch half of his targets and not a single touchdown in six games during the 2020 season.

This negative trend ended once Beckham had recovered and was acquired by the Los Angeles Rams.

Beckham caught five touchdown passes in seven regular-season starts alone.


Why Did Odell Beckham Jr. Leave The New York Giants?

Odell Beckham #13 of the New York Giants
(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)


Odell Beckham Jr. was traded from the New York Giants because he seemed unhappy in New York and with the team, and the Giants’ ownership didn’t appreciate some of his off-field behavior.

Although New York Giants CEO and co-owner John Mara once believed that Beckham would be the next star of the Giants when he was drafted, the team reportedly didn’t appreciate Beckham’s growing demands while his behavior was causing them publicity problems.

At the time of the wide receiver’s release from his original team, the New York Giants knew what a massive role Beckham played in their franchise.

Their decision to release him had nothing to do with his performance on the field.

The year 2017 had been a difficult time in Beckham’s career, with an ankle injury causing the young star serious pain and performance issues.

When Pat Shurmur was brought in as head coach shortly afterward in 2018, he claims that he made an effort to connect with Beckham in order to make him a key player in the team’s offense.

Odell Beckham Jr. began asking for a new contract but wasn’t able to get the conversation going.

This caused Beckham to grow distant from the team, with problems only becoming worse when a video of him eating pizza in bed with a woman and what appeared to be drugs in the background while in Paris.

This video was nearly the final straw for the New York Giants, who began to listen to trade offers for the first time and refused to confirm that Beckham would be on their roster for 2018.

Shurmur convinced Beckham to join the offseason program to convince the rest of the Giants’ officials that he was worth keeping on the team.

The wide receiver made it publicly clear that he was unhappy and would go on to be traded to the Cleveland Browns.


Why Did Odell Beckham Jr. Leave The Cleveland Browns?

Odell Beckham Jr. #13 of the Cleveland Browns warms up
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)


Odell Beckham Jr. had been asking to be released by the Cleveland Browns on multiple occasions, and the Cleveland Browns felt that it was better for Beckham to join another team following a rough game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

At 29 years old, Beckham was waived by the Cleveland Browns and free to join any team as long as he cleared waivers.

The Cleveland Browns’ general manager and the rest of the team decided that it was best for both Beckham and the Browns to move on.

Similar to his time with the New York Giants, Beckham had grown tired of the Browns and had been asking to switch teams following his surgery to repair his first ACL tear.

Between the time Beckham had missed due to the injury and the financial negotiations that his representatives were pressing for, the wide receiver’s relationship with the Ohio team was quickly on the decline.

On the day of the trade deadline for that season, Odell Beckham Jr.’s father posted a video on Instagram of quarterback Baker Mayfield missing or avoiding Beckham on throws, which caused chaos at the Browns’ headquarters.

The post left the Cleveland Browns with a public relations disaster and Mayfield absolutely blindsided, although the video is not the reason for Beckham’s sudden split with the Browns.

At the time of his release from the Cleveland Browns, Beckham was owed $8.05 million of $15.75 million.

If he wanted to be a free agent, he was going to have to clear waivers since the trade deadline had passed by this time.

Odell Beckham Jr. and his agent Zeke Sandhu kept the asking price high enough to prevent just any team from claiming Beckham, allowing him to sign with whomever he wanted.


Does Odell Beckham Jr. Have Any Children?

Odell Beckham Jr. #3 of the Los Angeles Rams watches from the sidelines in the third quarter in the game against the Los Angeles Rams at Levi's Stadium on November 15, 2021 in Santa Clara, California.
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)


Yes, Odell Beckham Jr. has a son named Zydn Beckham with his partner Lauren Wood.

The couple had first announced that they were expecting a child on social media in November of 2021.

Their son was born on February 17th of 2022.

Beckham announced the arrival of his son only a few days after he was born by posting on social media.

The new father claimed that his son was “THE biggest blessing” he’s ever had in his life and that he would cherish the moment forever.

The wide receiver has been vocal about his experiences as a first-time father, often posting about the cute things that Zydn Beckham does or the growth in his personality.

Zydn Beckham’s mother is the model and social media influencer, Lauren Wood, who has been with the wide receiver since 2019.

Only a few months later, the pair appeared on the red carpet together and had made name for themselves as the National Football League’s most swoon-worthy couple.

Wood’s Instagram feed is filled with pictures from the high-end dates that Beckham frequently takes her on, including a “daycation” to Sedona, Arizona via a private jet.

When it came to their baby shower in January of 2021, Beckham was willing to once again go all out for his partner and their son.

By the time Zydn Beckham was born, Odell Beckham Jr. was still wearing a high-grade knee brace and recovering from his Super Bowl injury.

Now that Beckham is healed and his son is older, the family trio can be found on the red carpet like when they attended the 2022 ESPY Awards.

At only five months old, Zydn Beckham wore a tuxedo and sparkly black dress shoes.

His feet didn’t even have to hit the carpet for young Beckham to steal the show.


What Jewelry Company Is Odell Beckham Jr. Invested In?

Odell Beckham Jr. attends The 2022 Met Gala
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)


Odell Beckham Jr. is an investor in Jaxxon, a men’s jewelry company, with his best friend and business partner Ajay Sangha.

The decision to invest in Jaxxon was one that Sangha wasn’t certain about, but Beckham was willing to risk more money than he had ever invested in any other company.

Although Beckham hasn’t stated exactly how much money he and Sangha invested in the company, he has been willing to say that it was at least double what he had ever invested in a company before.

While the risky investment was enough to keep Ajay Sangha up at night, Beckham had more than enough confidence in Jaxxon to sleep easy at night.

For Beckham, the amount of risk was minimal compared to the amount of trust that he had in the minds behind Jaxxon.

Since becoming a family man and dealing with his knee problems, Odell Beckham Jr. has shifted his thoughts from the short-term to the long-term.

With men’s fashion being poised to expand in a way that it has never had before, Beckham wanted to offer his jewelry-loving fans an affordable way to have high-quality pieces.

Despite their different perspectives on business, Beckham chose Sangha to become his business partner because he felt that he could trust Sangha as an individual.

Although Sangha had no business school or work experience, Beckham chose Sangha to help him navigate multiple business opportunities.

The fact that Ajay Sangha worries so much about Beckham and doesn’t want to lose his best friend’s fortune has given Sangha enough motivation to keep the pair successfully investing in companies.

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