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How Mathur et. al. Climate matter making history


Between November and March, the youth-led climate lawsuit Mathur et. al. v. Her Majesty in the Right of Ontario Overcame many procedural hurdles. it before Ontario government strike resolution won The case outright, then won another when Ontario’s effort sought leave to appeal the decision allowing the trial to proceed was dismissed.

Mathur and. al. It has now gone further in the courts than any other rights-based climate lawsuit in Canada.

These back-to-back victories have also led the trial’s seven applicants, Alex, Baez, Maddie, Shailene, Shelby, Sophia, and Zoe, to a full hearing on the merits of their case, which argues that the province used Ontarians has been violated. rights under Charter of Rights and Freedoms for the life, liberty and safety of the individual when it undermined its greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets in 2018.

As this remarkable group of seven, represented by lawyers for EcoJustice and Stockwoods LLP, prepares for the next phase of litigation, here are four ways their case is already changing Canada’s legal landscape.

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