May 7, 2021


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How much pain relief is real, how much placebo?

By Dennis Mann

Health Day Reporter

Thursday, April 29, 2021 (HealthDay News) – CBD is all the rage and millions of people have turned to it for a number of reasons, including pain relief.

However, despite the popularity and widespread use of CBC, the real benefits of new research are unclear.

The main line? CDC – and what you expect (or “plasbo effect”) to expect – may make the pain feel uncomfortable, but it does not seem to reduce the intensity of the pain.

Martin de Vita, a researcher at the Department of Psychology at Saraakus University in New York, says: It is smaller than both.

CBD or cannabiol is usually derived from the marijuana cousin Hem, but unlike THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocananol) – the active ingredient in marijuana – does not increase your CBD.

In the new study, 15 healthy and unhealthy volunteers took part in experiments on their reaction to heat before and after receiving pure CBD oil. The researchers told the participants that they had found the PCB when they actually found the placebo, or had retested it.


According to De Vita, participants felt that “CBD and Promises reduced the emotional part of the pain or how unpleasant it was,” although the pain was not completely eliminated.

He said that the central nervous system has its own processes to alleviate the pain, based on information on when the pain occurs (temporary process) and where it occurs. “Promises have only strengthened temporary pain relief, and CBD and caregivers have strengthened pain relief in isolation,” Devita said.

The researchers said they hoped to see how CBD affects people with a variety of pain conditions.

The study was recently published online Experimental and Clinical Psychoformacology.

The researchers selected pure CBD oil for the study. De Vita emphasizes that “commercially available CBD products vary in content and purity, so it may be different for different CBD products depending on what other ingredients may or may not be present.”


Researcher Kevin Bohanke, of the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Michigan in Anne Arbor, agrees.


HDB Buyers should be careful when choosing products. “If marijuana is in a legal territory, medical facilities often have pure HDD products,” Bohinke said. If not, choose a brand from a reputable company with a third-party certification stamp that voluntarily shares their own Analytics Certificate (COA). He explained that this document provides the results of any additional tests.

Unfortunately, when it comes to CBD, the floodgates are already open, and science is looking to do more, Bohenke, who did not participate in the new study.

“This is an interesting and small pilot study. Both placebo and drug effects are playing a role in how CBD affects pain,” he said. Once again, Bohinke said the study was conducted in healthy volunteers and could not tell us much about how or how CBD affects people with a serious illness.

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