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How Robin Williams Helped Lisa Jacob With Her Mental Health Struggle


Additionally, Lisa recalled a moment when good will Hunting The actor stood up for her. At the time, she said she had received a letter from her high school informing her not to return because it was “very difficult” for her to work remotely with her when she was on set.

According to the 42-year-old author, Robin wrote a letter to the school asking them to “please reconsider.”

Ultimately, Lisa reveals that the high school refused to invite her back. But despite his decision, the Canadian native said the screen legend’s gesture really impressed him.

“What I love about that story, and what I love about Robin, is just the fact that he would do it for someone,” he expressed. “That he will get out of his way. It will take time for him to realize that it will be important.”

She continued, “And if it didn’t work, someone needed to stand up. And he did it for me.”

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