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Title sponsor Nitto has launched three exciting initiatives to help promote sustainability at the 2021 Nitto ATP Finals. The sustainability activities, located at the event’s fan village on Piazza San Carlo in Turin, have garnered strong engagement from supporters.

While wearing polarized goggles, fans can ride an energy-generating bike, which is an experience-based activity that gives attendees an understanding of how much it takes to pedal to produce energy and the importance of sustainable resources.

Three people compete on the bikes, with the first person to reach the five watt energy mark being named the winner. The victor then answers questions related to sustainability to further promote education around the topic in a fun way.

Next, Nitto created a craft zone where used tennis balls are recycled. Every year, 325 million tennis balls are made and 125 million are thrown away. It takes 400 years for a tennis ball to decompose.

Used tennis balls that would otherwise have been discarded are reborn as they are reused for handmade arts and crafts, such as pencil cases and flower pots, or new works of art.


Finally, the bins installed in the fan village are powered by solar panels to compress the waste inside and control their capacity. It’s a revolutionary trash can that makes waste management smarter. It also helps to raise awareness about waste sorting at the venue.

Waste disposal
This is the first time that the Nitto ATP Finals will be held in Turin. The event runs through Sunday at the Pala Alpitour.

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