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How the ‘Mare of Easttown’ turned the Philly area into a national obsession


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“Easttown’s Mare” is over.

With its finale released this week, HBO’s seven-episode prestige drama starring Kate Winslet gave the Philadelphia area a rare chance to see their reflection in the Hollywood mirror.

While the critiques abound, the show fueled a national conversation about Philly and its suburbs, with many views as a net positive effect.

One thing is certain: There were a lot of takes.

Slate, Los Angeles Times, Vulture, The Ringer, Page Six — no outlet was big enough to dive into the show’s diverse themes or replace Delco accent with near-zoological interest. The thinker could not stay away. The day after the last episode, New York Times columnist Maureen Dodd Add another 3,000 words To the growing body of mare literature, sure all philadelphia clichés were covered.

Locally, the conversation was often more pointed. Was “Mare of Easttown” a Great Detective Noir? Was it enhanced with authenticity? neither? both?

Finally, certified by social media freak When HBO’s new streaming service crashed on Sunday, “Mare of Easttown” won over viewers in their home region.

Here’s a look at how the national media decided to cover the incident.

Winslet’s commitment to pronunciation – which she called “one of the top two hardest dialects” she had to learn for a role – earned both praise and criticism from locals. thanks in part To Saturday Night Live, it also became one of the show’s most talked about aspects nationally, and turned down a plethora of linguistic autopsies.

Some national publications were gleeful in their description of the regional language. Entertainment journalists flex to describe their writing skillsTypical Patois of Southeastern Pennsylvania,” where “The O’s stretch is longer than the Delaware Water Gap” and “People drink ‘wooder’ from the glass.

Local and national critics alike attempt to explain the nuances of Delco pronunciation on the show, and note the distinct but related dialects you’ll catch from Northeast to South Philly and South Jersey to Delaware.

As many referenced, the voices of Philadelphia and collar counties often don’t make it to the big time. The city’s most famous on-screen hero, Rocky, never bothered to move his New York brogue.

Did all the “mare” characters nail the accent? No, not by a long shot. The show’s creator Brad Inglesby, a Berwin native who wanted to portray his native region through accents, told Slate that some actors “leaned more than others

Ringer wondered whether the national reaction will lead to more appearances For pronunciation in Hollywood. (Given some disastrously bad attempts before Winslet, this could be terrible news.)

All that aside, it was a rare spectacle for the Delaware Valley – and respected by many locals.

“Mare of Easttown” is a detective series! This is a family drama about messy relationships! It’s a meditation on grief and trauma! as the local gun violence teacher Scott Charles noted on Twitter, the season finale also had an item lesson on safe firearm storage.

Viewers and critics alike have generally appreciated the show’s ability to blend genres and present something more nuanced and memorable than your average sordid murder mystery. As helped by the accent, the show was enhanced by its sense of place — and how the fictional but all-too-familiar Easttown took on a life of its own.

while real life Easttown township While in Chester County — where much of the show was filmed — showrunner Inglesby said that Mare’s hometown is an amalgamation of Delaware County locations where he spent time growing up.

While most of the shows and movies filmed in Philly made up for recognizable skyline shots and city buildings, Easttown featured the everyday world of life in the Collar County town. There’s something exciting about seeing your regular bench on HBO shows.

Attention to detail is everywhere. winslet she said she visited wawa To research his role. “Legendary,” she called the regional convenience store after reading a story about the place in the Delco Times. Social settings are shot-and-beer bars and gas station eateries.

Vulture devoted some 2,400 words From obvious tributes to the show’s culinary quirks, everything from hoagie and cheesesticks to awkward encounters with high-end cuisine.

The show’s relationship with food garnered accolades for good reason. Its most cited edible moments have a universal appeal rooted in local flavor – think the mare downing Herr’s potato chips while she was lecturing her injured mother Helen, or eating the Cheese Whiz over meatballs. (It’s not really a typical local thing, but sounds cool).

Central to the show is the food that local fans proudly posted on social media of their viewing food, which was filled with wawa hoagie and rolling rocks.

Some of the more memorable moments were when the characters stepped out of their comfort zones.

Initially, the mare attends a charming book party for the unlikely literary character played by Guy Pearce. There, she tries the duck liver hors d’oeuvre and stuffs the rest into the couch cushions, winning over the flavor.

Similarly, Detective Colin Zabel suffers a minor panic attack when faced with the prospect of zucchini at a fancy restaurant. (The show’s directors later said that they went to Olive Garden to collect all the food for that scene.)

“Mare of Easttown” was shot in Roxboro and other areas around Philly and Chester County from 2019 to 2020. Seeing the show was as much for the locals as you knew – and some people did. Maybe.

Camera crews could potentially return. Viewers grew steadily over the course of the series, with millions tuning in each week.

When asked by TV Line, both HBO and director Craig Zobel declined to comment about Season 2, but Winslet was all in. The star added: “I would love to play mare again.”

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