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How to get verification on Twitter in 2021: Applications are open again


Back in 2009, Twitter created a verification process so you can apply to receive a blue check mark next to your name. Icons showed that the account was either genuine, so you didn’t accidentally follow someone pretending to be Elon Musk, Katy Perry or other celebrity or brand. But it also marked remarkable accounts, and a few years ago anyone could apply to prove they were who they claimed to be.

Unfortunately the verification gates were closed on 26 February 2018 and users have been waiting for an opportunity to verify their account ever since. Now, Twitter has announced that they are reopening and you will see the option in the app over the next few weeks.

You may have noticed that Twitter has paused verification applications – luckily the company has resumed taking requests, so give it more now if you weren’t able to apply before.

Here we explain how to verify your Twitter account once the option is back on the app.

How to Apply for Twitter Verification

First of all, it is important to understand that not just anyone can get a blue tick. They are for authentic, notable and active accounts in the following categories:

  • Government
  • Companies, brands and organizations
  • news organizations and journalists
  • entertainment
  • sports and gambling
  • activists, organizers and other influencers

If you think you deserve ‘higher public interest’ – and you can read new policy For more details on the criteria – you can check under Settings & Privacy to see if you have the option to apply. Twitter says the verified option is “starting in the next few weeks”.

When you have access to the option to request verification, tap Start Request.

On the next screen you’ll choose the category that best describes you.

After that, you will need to confirm your identity. This may happen:

  • Government-issued ID (such as a passport)
  • A confirmed email address relevant to the category you selected
  • An official website that references your Twitter account.

How to Verify on Twitter in 2021

After that you can submit the request. Twitter says it will let you know when to expect a decision – usually within a few days, but it could be several weeks depending on the length of the queue.

How to Verify on Twitter in 2021

If your application is approved, a blue tick will appear on your profile immediately.

Will Twitter Expand Verification Categories?

Yes. It says it understands that there are other accounts that should be eligible for the badge, and it plans to introduce more categories later in 2021.

you can follow @Verified Twitter account to get the latest updates on the process.


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