May 7, 2021


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How to make jobs a positive experience for the whole family •

It can be frustrating to keep asking your child to pick up your shoes, suitcase, or even plates. Not just for you, but for your children as well. No one likes to be upset, but you may feel disrespectful when your child does not do what you ask. It is important for our children to be able to carry their weight in the family. How are we? Inspiration To help our children understand without shouting I’m upset Function masters?

Responsibility and respect

Remember, just because you make your child responsible for doing household chores does not mean that you are more organized or ignorant. He can feel it Disrespectful But when our children are asked to do something, they do not. They are usually not without purpose. They are children, sometimes forgetting things, and picking is not their main priority.

Jobs and expectations

Assigning appropriate household chores for your children is important to ensure that they meet your standards. Also, do not expect your child to know exactly how to do your job. If you have never seen this special work, you may want to do different chores. Show them How to do the job Have them wait, then repeat it until you know how to do it.

At times, being overly concerned about our children can be a problem. You may need to adjust your expectations. Understand what is important and which cannot be changed. That may cause your child to pick up the plate every night after dinner, but you can make it slippery when they come home from school.

Communication is key

Communication is the key to any relationship. This includes your relationships with your children. Make sure they know exactly what is expected of them. Have a family meeting to save what happened They are all functions. Homework is good for children to pay for, but it may also be important to make sure that your children have responsibilities that will only help them lead the family.

Another fun family activity you can do a Family Work Day At the end of the week. This can be a big family task, such as cleaning the yard or backyard. Or clean for ten minutes. Set the timer for ten minutes and everyone will do as much up and down as possible during those ten minutes. Everything will be perfect, but you will be amazed at how much is chosen.

Time limits

Once you discuss with your children what is expected of them in their homework, you can go there to make it a reality. A. Be sure to set a time limit for when homework should be completed time frame. This should be all laundry in the laundry room before the laundry day, otherwise your laundry will not be washed. Or if it affects more time, you can say that their activity should be done at lunch, or that it is exactly 3 hours. Once you know their time limit, remember them once and then leave. Make sure they are done without interruption.


Let them know in advance that unfinished work will have consequences. Insightful results It is good to have in place for unfinished business. Try to stay calm when the work is not finished. Check your tone and vocabulary. When the deadline expires, you can reassure them that they have not finished their work and that they have not achieved the desired result.

Consequences may be taking something from them or relinquishing certain rights. If your family asks you to take their clothes to the laundry before the laundry day and they do not, wash the child who did not incur any penalty. If your child refuses to work outside of the family or to carry the weight, you can try to take everything into their room and make it work for their property. It is your home, you will find the basic rules.

Purpose and responsibility

Explain to your child that every person who works supports their needs The whole family It can help them feel purposeful. They are helping them when they leave and are forced to live independently. When you have older children who want to be treated as adults, you can link the need for adult independence to adult responsibility.

Be upright

Do not give up when your children do not do their homework. And don’t expect them to fail. Be upright, Talk positively and have confidence in your child to be successful.

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