May 9, 2021


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How To Start Dealing With Your Debt In 60 Days

Debt affects millions of people in the UK, and for many families and people, the pandemic has only made things worse.

Factors that can push people include major life changes (many of which have occurred in the past year), discomfort, upkeep and maintenance, not being paid, living on low incomes, or having to buy new things .

If you stay awake at night thinking about your bank balance or if you have trouble avoiding panic attacks every time you take out your bills, you know you’re not alone. It is believed that around eight million people live in the UK debt problem.

A government plan, called Breathing Space, hopes to help thousands of people struggling with this debt. People who meet the requirements will be offered financial advice and will be given a respite for debt enforcement action for a period of 60 days.