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Unleash Your Employees Productivity and Performance How will HR prepare for the future of work?

  • HR Service Delivery (HRSD) could be one of most critical technology in the business. Wherein Direct HR holding the employees on a daily basis.
  • Ang UKG solution ibig sabihin nun HR can automate processes, digitize their documents at access they are wherever they are.
  • The future of the job is now, and it’s up to HR to shape it.

UNLEASH Product Lightlights looks at products across the HR technology spectrum and based on research and member input. Today, we take a look at a number of HR Service Delivery features from the UKG suite solution – Man helps, Document Manager, at Advanced Analytics.

In our recent Top Views piece, we discussed how “HR Service Delivery (HRSD) can be one of the most critical technologies in the business. Here HR directly handles the employee on a daily basis”.

At UNLEASH, we see HR Service Delivery requiring a laser-focus as businesses continue to expect leadership from HR (as they have done in the last 12 months), and expectations are restricted for HR to balance productivity and performance with increasing emphasis on the importance of employee experiences.

In the hope that economic uncertainty is expected to continue for some time, HR is best placed to deliver. With this in mind, “HR needs – and deserves – a flexible, global HR Service Delivery platform”.

The UKG HRSD solution means HR can automate processes, digitize their documents and access them wherever they are, ensuring business continuity, compliance and an increase in productivity .

Expectations of The Digital Native

Employees are now accustomed to being mobile and digital native, meaning they expect a digital solution that is mobile and easy to use. There is also a strong desire to be autonomous, and to receive supportive support for individual, unique circumstances. Gone are the days of HR engagement boiling over traditional annual leave requests or negotiating illness leave requirements. In addition, there’s a huge element of speed to expectations as well – quick responses, and more often than not, real -time responses have become the norm in so many areas of our lives, so why not also those place of work

Employees only expect a positive employee experience with the digital services that support it. And why don’t you give it away? According to Gartner, with a well-implemented knowledge base, employees can solve their own questions 40-70% of the time. Equally, through a mobile-enabled self-service employee, HR can deliver up to 60% more in the workforce. The solution if you think about it is clear – giving employees quick answers to common questions, and all the information at their fingertips so they can answer more often than not, answer their own questions, to their own time, leaving HR to deal with areas that cannot be automated.

People helped UKG

The UKG People Help solution empowers employees to expect instant responses and offers consumer-level service to employees. It is effectively a combination of case management and knowledge portal that provides personalized HR information and allows HR to route and quickly respond to more complex, non-routine requests.

UKG People assist – Homepage

Features include:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Case Management
  • HR Helpdesk
  • Automated HR Processes
  • HR File Management
  • Employee portal
  • SLA Measurement and Reporting

And if these employees are expected, so should the Teams

With the development of employee expectations for digital, mobile-first and fast HR solutions, it is paramount that the back-office develops in the same way, at the same time. That’s why an HR Service Delivery solution that automates processes, digits documents and allows access wherever you are, is so important to HR teams today and for the future. This technology is essential to ensure the level of continuity, compliance and productivity of the business.

Investing in employee experience is good for HR and good for business, and with HR Service Delivery your HR teams can have a direct image of employee engagement and company performance.

UKG Document Manager

UKG Document Manager enables employee file management from the perspective of HRs. You can take secure document storage to the next level with advanced document management capabilities, accessible on any device. You can create, sign, store, access, share and delete employee files in one safe place, which is important when we know that 66% believe HR tech has a core role in ensuring HR compliance.

People Help UKG – Dashboard Requests

Features include:

  • Document Generation
  • E-Signature
  • Centralized Employee Files
  • Search
  • Secure Access
  • Secure Sharing
  • Vigorous Obedience
  • Legal Handling
  • Maintenance Schedules

Advanced Data Analytics For insights into the big picture

Advanced analytics helps HR to better understand the needs of employees, by tracking the most common employee requests, identifying bottlenecks, and taking a big look at the picture of their people operations. What they say is true – knowledge is power. And in this case, having a direct image of employee engagement and company performance through your HRSD means you have the knowledge to make critical strategic decisions that will directly affect business success.

UKG Advanced Analytics

Using data and analytics, HR has the ability to see into the past unknown so they can act proactively strategically decisions The UKG Advanced Analytics solution provides this so that HR teams can prioritize resources and actions for maximum impact.

UKG Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Features include:

  • KPI Monitoring and Reporting
  • Dashboards are configurable
  • Process Analytics
  • Performance Insights
  • Vigorous Obedience

HR at the heart of organizational change

As discussed in our recent webcast with Rémi Malenfant, Director of HR Innovation and Customer Experience, UKG, “In 2021, HR departments will have the opportunity to re -evaluate their own purpose and role in this change. More than ever, HR is the key ditch between employees and the organization.HR has got a seat at the table but now it needs to focus on keeping it. ’We need to stop talking about HR being strategic rather than tactical, and instead, focus on how it will be the same. “

The future of the job is now, and it’s up to HR to shape it. It’s time for HR to break free from the lure of the ‘administrator’ who has long been unsaved. UKG HRSD’s solution enables HR to automate much of their work, freeing them up to take more strategic actions, such as shaping the company culture and strengthening the employee experience.


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