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HSS says workers get paid but there may be problems with size


The health care executive said that despite last week’s cyber-attacks on the computer system, all employees who should be paid this week will be paid.

However, he noted that “some issues” may arise with the amount of staff received, although any issues will be resolved in the coming weeks. H. Authority.

While there may be problems with calculating allowances and overtime payments rather than basic wages, it is not yet clear what the potential problems are.

The Minister of Health on Tuesday Stephen Donnelly He described the workers’ pay as “absolute priority”, but said the HIV payment system had not taken action since last week’s attack.

HCC Chief Clinic Officer Dr. Cole Henry, Said he hopes emergency plans will be put in place by Thursday to get workers paid.

He said the payroll will continue this week during the HSS staff update.

Please be sure that payroll will continue this week. It is a key priority. Issues may arise but we will continue to work on emergencies when necessary.

The update added: “Some issues may include some differences between wages and wages. Do not worry that we will fix any differences in the coming weeks.

More than 140,000 people are employed in the public health system, with a monthly salary. Not all employees should be paid this Thursday.

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