May 9, 2021


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Hugh Jackman gives Ryan Reynolds a role in ‘Deadpool 3’ – Deadline

On Saturday, Hugh Jackman took to Twitter and filed a lawsuit for his presence Deadpool d Through the New York Police Officer.

In the 34-second clip we see from the perspective of the Oscar-nominated actor, as he approaches an officer named John Dobkowski. When Jackman realizes he has no problem with the law, he decides to have some fun, continuing the friendly “conflict” with it. Death well Star Ryan Reynolds which has been going on for years.

“Hey, Ryan. You have to get this guy [Jackman] Inside Deadpool dEven if it’s for a ten minute cameo. That would be great, “said Jackman Dombrowski.” That movie would be great, so great, it would blow up at the box office. “

Denambowski wrapped up his message with a fake threat to give Reynolds a ticket when he arrived in New York City if the request was not complied with.

“Officer Dobkowski is advising incredibly smart careers for that vanity Reynolds,” Jackman said in the caption to the video. “Sharing care” “

Premiering in 2016, Death well Reynolds acted after a science test went wrong and replaced him permanently, introducing an intelligent tracking tenant of the same name. Earning a major fan base, as well as critical acclaim, the box office push was followed in 2018 Deadpool 2.

Last November, Deadline first told you that Wendy Molinix and Lizzie Molinix-Loiglin were writing the script. Deadpool d, Which is still going on.

We’ll have to wait and see if Jackman gets a cameo in contrast to his longtime friend, Reynolds ’marvelous Marvel trilogy. For now, though, his Twitter demand can be found below.