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HUMAN DEFENSE GOALS Medicare benefits members during good times


We have partnered with patients to help them solve complex and serious personal challenges for us in health care. In view of the epidemic, we see a greater need to accelerate our efforts to connect people to resources that reduce their daily well-being.

Our goal was a call to action, in Humana, where our goal is to make life easier for people and communities. We came together with our community and business partners to find a solution. The newly released Victory Progress Report details the results of those efforts and shows that members of Hemana Medicare are generally healthy in the 2020 and 2020 epidemics.

In particular, we have seen results in many areas that directly relate to partnerships, interventions, and collective advancements in our bold communities.

• George: Humana She helped Medicare benefit members to maintain overall health-related quality of life by 2020.

• Some of the most vulnerable people – depressed, low-income subsidies, disabled or eligible for Medicare and Medicaid – have had healthier days in 2019 compared to 2019

• We have seen positive trends in many of our communities from 2019 to 2020, including an increase of 1,000 to 1.8% overall health days in Louisville, K, and New Orleans, and a 2.8% increase in overall health days. Compared to non-bold communities since the beginning of 2015, we have more ambitious communities.

Hemana’s bold goal, launched in 2015, was to launch a public health strategy to improve people’s health, according to a self-reported health report from a CDC-certified health days survey. Research, Awareness, and Partnerships Social and Health-Related Social Needs Social decisions have a profound effect on a person’s health and well-being.

Fortunately, for five years we have established relationships with a number of community-based organizations, with a strong focus on community participation. Our initial focus on SDOH was on food security and loneliness, so we had a basic response framework, field interventions, and key partnerships formed during the outbreak. As the situation worsened, we were able to respond more quickly to emergencies.

We know that our clinical and social interventions have been affected. Not only did we distribute it to the most vulnerable people, we also had filtering tools in place to eliminate the need. During the epidemic, we disseminated those efforts with all Himalayan clinical and customer service tools as well as our community partners. It started as an experiment and became our business.

Our goal for 2020 was to complete 3 million health-related screening programs, and by the end of the year, we had more than doubled our target by 6.2 million completed tests. Those positive findings are directly linked to resources that address their basic needs.

Hemana Medicare membership includes seniors, those who are already vulnerable to food insecurity and those most at risk of loneliness due to social isolation. During the epidemic, they had to deal with particularly restricted transportation and food items.

The Himan and Basic Needs Program, which was launched in 2020 to meet the urgent and emergency health-related social needs caused by the epidemic, has the ability to screen and support malnourished members / partners. By the end of the year, the Basic Needs program served 77,863 members and provided more than 1.1 million meals. It will last until 2021, and to date it has served 90,000 people with 1.5 million meals.

Our peers in the healthcare industry have learned a lot over the past year. These results indicate that we can do our best to address the root causes of health disparities through ongoing collaboration with partners. We will continue to explore in-depth, clinical, behavioral, and social disciplines to support members in achieving optimal health.

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