Hungary’s Orban blames Brussels and its climate change policies for high EU gas prices – RT World News

The EU should withdraw its policy aimed at tackling climate change, as it is the cause of the record rise in energy prices on the continent this autumn, said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Energy bills have increased for customers across Europe due to poor decisions made by them “Bureaucrats in Brussels” which fights for ecology by constantly raising the price of energy from coal and gas, Orban insisted in a radio interview on Friday.

“These decisions must be reversed … at present gas prices are where they should be in 2035. Brussels is not the solution today, that is the problem,” he said.

Poles, Czechs and we Hungarians demand that the rules be withdrawn.

According to the PM, the difficult situation in the energy market would top the agenda at the next EU summit, where Budapest, Warsaw and Prague would present a unified front at the meeting and offer their solutions to the crisis.

Orban blew up EU climate policy chief Frans Timmermans, who is pushing hard for the EU to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. He recently warned that rising emissions from Europe’s transport sector could prevent the bloc from achieving that goal.

“It is a Commissioner named Timmermans who poses the greatest threat to us,” in PM.

The Hungarian leader already attacked Timmermans during his visit to Slovenia on Thursday and said that “His calculations were incorrect and EU citizens have to pay the extra price.” He also slammed the EU’s climate change policy as “foolish.”

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Those who do not pay “Extra price” is in fact the Hungarians, as the ceiling for gas and power price increases for households has existed in the country after being introduced by the Orban government in 2010.

The peak of energy bills in the EU, which experts say is driven by rising gas prices and rising costs for permits in the bloc’s carbon market, has only widened the gap on the green transition policy within the 27-member union. While rich countries see it as a sign of increasing measures against climate change, the poorer countries are expressing increasing concern about the economic downturn in such measures.

In the middle of the week, European gas prices have set a frightening record by rising above $ 1,900 per 1,000 cubic meters – almost three times higher than in September. The price dropped significantly after Russia said it would increase the gas supply to the bloc, but the situation is still tough.

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