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Huntington Beach replacement named after Tito Ortiz’s resignation


Huntington Beach City Council has elected councilwoman Barbara Delagliez as its new mayoral protem, replacing Tito Ortiz. resigned Tuesday night, citing a barrage of personal attacks.

Delglish was nominated by councilman Eric Peterson, and his appointment was unanimously approved by the city council at a special meeting on Wednesday night, Catherine June, an assistant to the city manager, said in a statement.

At a council meeting Tuesday night, Ortiz said he was “the sole focus of character assassination with several news stories every week” that sought to discredit him. He said the attacks had escalated to involve his family, which made him fear for his own safety.

“To put it simply, this job isn’t working for me,” he said.

Ortiz, who was sworn in as a councilor in December, was elected with more than 42,000 votes – the most in a council race in the city’s history. His campaign slogan at last year’s race was “Make Huntington Beach Safe Again”, a nod to former President Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again”.

But on the city council, he accused his fellow members of ousting him because of his conservative views.

Ortiz was nearly stripped of his title as mayor protem during a city council meeting in February, when he was criticized for refusing to wear a mask.

a. He received huge public backlash after recording Video He criticized the venue for not ordering without a mask outside a Huntington Beach burger shack in January. Community members accused Ortiz of potentially sending customers away at a time when small businesses were struggling to survive amid coronavirus restrictions.

A special meeting was held on 1 February to determine whether Ortiz should be stripped of his title after being denied entry to the strategic planning meeting at the city’s central library because he showed up without a mask. Council introduced the item.

In announcing his resignation on Tuesday, Ortiz said he had been “met by hostility and judgment” from the day he was sworn in.

Delgleize will remain in this position until December. Over the next several weeks, the City Council will discuss the appointment of a new council member to fill Ortiz’s vacant seat.

Delgleize was elected to the city council in 2014 and has served as mayor. She was previously the chair of the Huntington Beach Planning Commission.

His biography on the city’s website states that Dalglies is a residential real estate broker who has lived in Huntington Beach since 1974.

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