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Huntington Beach, whose ex-boyfriend had a defensive order against him, has been charged with assault and murder


A 46-year-old man has been charged with assault and assaulting his ex-girlfriend at her 2016 Huntington Beach home on Friday.

Anahim’s Jason Joseph Becher was convicted in a first-degree murder trial in connection with the death of 50-year-old Merilu Sarkishi. News release.

At the time, Sarkishi, a mother of three, had a restraining order.

Becher’s defense attorney acknowledged that the client had killed Sarkishi but said the killing was unplanned and angered and should be prosecuted for a second-degree murder or voluntary murder, according to the Associated Press. Reported. Becher

Linn On the evening of December 1, 2016, Becher went out to Sarkisyan’s house after a drink with an acquaintance. The next morning, before she left home, she was beaten and strangled, authorities said.

That afternoon On December 2, a man contacted the Huntington Beach Police Department to ask for a charity investigation into Sarkisian. Los Angeles Time Reported Becher’s uncle informed authorities that he had killed his nephew, Sarkishi.

Police were called to the home of the teenager, who arrived home around noon and called his mother, but she did not think she was there, according to a Huntington Beach police report. He shouted as he found her lying on the shower floor, leading them to his mother’s room.

According to a police report, Sarkishi was found lying in a pool of blood, her body severely damaged and her face severely beaten.

Becher was arrested the next day in Grant Grant, Oregon.

He had a sarcasm He received a restraining order Documents from the Och High Court show that Becher put security in her home the day before she died.

Officials at Becher, wearing gloves and carrying a suitcase, were arrested on security footage and had blood splattered on his forehead. In the video, they say, “Then they got a new spying system; How does that work for you? ” Is heard in the video. The police report states.

Becher He is due to be sentenced on June 11 and faces a life sentence without parole.

OCD District Attorney Todd Spitzer wrote in a statement: “The facts in this case have taken less than a day to reverse the verdict and bring to justice the bloodthirsty and murderous. The pain of losing Merylie will never go away, but your loved ones now know that justice has been served.

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