‘I Chose to Intervene’: Nonviolent Group Helps Suppress Gunman in North Minneapolis – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police say innocent man He died trying to do the right thing. A gunman fleeing a car crash in northern Minneapolis on Friday morning shot and killed the man as the person at the scene tried to intervene.

Investigators say the attacker then tried to kidnap a woman in front of a Cub Foods before a crowd nailed her to the ground. That’s exactly why the group was there.

“We don’t usually get into these things, but today was a different day,” said Ken Brown of the nonprofit We Push For Peace. The group immediately arrived on the scene because they work every day at security for that Cub Foods. They played a big role in ending the event.

The group, which had been around for over a year, pinned the suspect until the police arrived.

“It’s about actions… Are you going to turn a blind eye or intervene? I chose to intervene,” says Jerrod Jackson, a member of We Push For Peace who helped capture the suspect.

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We Push for Peace also provides many other services such as financial education and mental health assistance. But security is the vast majority of their work. Cub Foods in North Minneapolis was the first store partner.

“The good thing about it is that it’s actually our police, our soldiers on the ground, our community members and everyone else joining forces to do what we’re trying to do,” said Pharoah Merritt of We Push For Peace.

We Force For Peace is trained for extreme situations like this. Police say most witnesses should not get involved and call 911.

“We can’t stop killing. We can’t stop stealing. But we can slow it down a bit,” said Brown. “I think what we’re doing is slowing it down a bit.”

The suspected shooter was not charged. Police think he’s in the neighborhood to buy or sell drugs. Victims of the original car crash went to the hospital but should be fine. The woman the gunman tried to steal the car from was not injured.