I gave birth just three days before my wedding

A WOMAN told how she unexpectedly gave birth to her first child just three days before her wedding, but she didn’t even know she was pregnant.

Lisa, 40, thought she was too old to be a mother, even though it was a dream – but was hospitalized for an emergency cesarean section after a surprise delivery.

Although Lisa didn't know she was pregnant, she gave birth to her baby three days before she married Jason.


Although Lisa didn’t know she was pregnant, she gave birth to her baby three days before she married Jason.

A snippet of Lisa’s story was shared here: TLC’s YouTube page where she details traumatic events on the way to her big day.

He explained that he had no “normal symptoms” that are often associated. pregnancyincluding nausea or aching breasts and reduced mild weight gain to stress eating.

After noticing that she was not having two periods, Lisa took a pregnancy test, which gave her a negative result – so she assumed she was experiencing peri-menopause.

Four months later and still no period, Lisa took another pregnancy test, this time inconclusive, followed by another pregnancy test that was negative.


But just three days before she married her partner Jason, whom she met while working at a restaurant, the soon-to-be bride suddenly awoke covered in her own blood.

“I feel something hot and hot between my legs and that’s blood,” she recalled. “When I walked into the bathroom and saw how much blood there was, I said ‘this is too much, this is not normal’.”

Jason rushed his wife-to-be to the hospital where she was thought to have miscarried.

Although the medical staff insisted that she was not pregnant, she continued to check for a heartbeat – and they heard a heartbeat.

“They had to look at the monitor to see how far away the baby was. They were estimating 28 weeks, 30 weeks,” Lisa said.

Doctors also said that Lisa suffered a ruptured placenta – when it was separated from the uterus early – which caused heavy bleeding.

This meant that the baby would soon lose blood flow, so doctors had to perform an emergency cesarean section – with the tot. be born early, it only weighs 4 pounds 4 ounces.

Confronting what happened, Jason said: “When you wake up at five in the morning and you’re told you’re going to be a father and you go to bed thinking you’re not going to be a father, it’s a complete shock.”

“I saw the baby a few hours after he recovered,” the new mother added.

The baby remained in intensive care for a while until his lungs developed properly.

Lisa told her story on TLC


Lisa told her story on TLCCredit: Youtube
She showed no typical signs of pregnancy, so she was shocked when she went into labor


She showed no typical signs of pregnancy, so she was shocked when she went into laborCredit: Getty

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