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(CBS) – saw its big premiere last week ghosts at CBS. Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar star in this American adaptation of the hit British series, where Samantha (McIver) and Jay (Ambudkar) are cautious when they turn their recently acquired country estate into a bed and breakfast. Not only is the place crumbling, but the spirits of the previous inhabitants are alive, which only Samantha can see and hear.

CBS’s Matt Weiss spoke to McIver and Ambudkar about tonight’s new episode, their favorite co-stars and their first impressions of the show (spoiler, it’s a hit).

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MW- Hello Gul, Utkarsh! Congratulations for last week’s first episode are finally hitting the airwaves in America, but of course this is actually an adaptation of the British program of the same name. Were either of you familiar with the original?

RM- Didn’t know about the original until I saw it after I had already booked it. ghosts, but once I did, I was like this thing was awesome. It’s no surprise that they’re truly a huge success, and they deserve a lot of credit. We’re just excited to be part of their family. They made us feel very welcome as we redesigned the show with an American shoot.

UA- I watched five minutes of BBC One and was like ‘oh yes I would do this show’. The script came to me and then I watched them do “across the lake” and it’s very funny and charming. The premise just works. It’s a showcase for actors of many different genres to do some really funny and engaging work.

MW- Now that episode one is out, I think it must be a great feeling to feel that this thing you’ve been working on is finally there. How was your reaction last week?

UA- We’re hit baby! No, I’m very happy, so this has been our vortex for a very long time. We were going to go to this project in March, just before the global epidemic. I’m glad we now have an audience we can interact with, not just players talking to each other, and that people at home can enjoy it too.

RM- Yes, the goal is to give people a TV show with lots of love, heart, comedy, and humor, and they can kind of air it. I definitely feel a little relieved and it feels really good that people are really enjoying it and taking care of it.

MW- Frankly, the show has quite a cast of characters. Other than each other, who are the characters you’ve most enjoyed interacting with so far?

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RM- You tryna make us enemies on set [Laughs]? Well, in terms of character, it’s Thorfinn THIS week. He’s really at the center of tonight’s episode and he’s shining, which is why he’s this week’s favorite kid.

UA- There is someone I love least… and you know who it is. [Laughs]

MW- [Laughs] We’ll leave that there. Last question before we go, what’s up for episode two tonight?

RM- Tonight, Jay and Samantha discover some bones on their property. In fact, their fantastic builder, played by Tristen Lalla, a new father and extremely talented actor, has discovered some Viking bones on the property, and Samantha and Jay must decide whether to sell those bones and make a bunch of money or give them to Thorfinn. The Viking burial he’s been missing for over 1000 years.

It becomes a situation where they have to decide whether or not to put their family before them. This is a big dysfunctional family comedy. Not the family they signed up for but they love them!

MW- We will all have to adjust tonight to see which way you decide to go. Thank you both so much for your time and all the best, take care!

RM- Thank you so much my friend!

UA- Thanks Matt!

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ghosts It airs on CBS or is available to stream on Thursdays at 9 PM ET/PT extraordinary+. Check your local listings for more information.


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