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Ian Hislop Savages ‘Idiot’ Dominic Cummings in Brutal has news for you


Ian Hislop he did not restrain himself in what he thought Dominic Cummingsappearance on the Commons selection committee on Friday night I have news for you.

The team captain blew up Boris Johnson’s former chief executive in a savage retreat after the seven-hour hearing in which he made explosive claims about the prime minister and the government’s management of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ian described Cummings’ appearance as “one of the most disgusting performances in public life.”

Another captain Paul Merton said: “Dominic Cummings has been testifying, it’s worth believing for seven hours. He made a lot of powerful statements and someone is lying, somewhere in the middle of it all. Not everyone tells the truth.

“He has made several allegations and Boris and Matt Hancock have denied them.”

Ian, who was joined by David Mitchell, joked, ‘It’s good to have David tonight, because it’s an episode of Would I Lie To You?’, And the answer is that for everyone … yes it is. they did”.

He continued, “He said, ‘Boris Johnson is not fit to be prime minister.’ Of course he is not, he has appointed you!

“He did the classic at the beginning of saying it’s everyone else’s fault. Would you believe it?

“The government has really handled it very badly … if only there was someone in the heart of the government who could have said ‘this is all wrong.’ Maybe an adviser … maybe a senior adviser …

“It was one of the most disgusting representations of public life I can remember.”

David then asked, “Assuming we can believe a word that says the cunning bastard, who is to blame for everything?”

Ian replied: “The Prime Minister is to blame for everything, and the Prime Minister should never have become Prime Minister. Except, this is the man who almost alone worked to make him Prime Minister.

“It is absolutely extraordinary that I only noticed that the prime minister was completely useless when he was dismissed.

“It didn’t occur to him all the time he was on board the project, and he suddenly said, ‘Oh, God, I suddenly realized that … you’re an idiot, and so am I.’

Have I Got News For You continues on BBC One at 9pm tonight, invited by David Mitchell.

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