If you are a “moving” people, do not miss the attractive destination of Van Quan Lang Son

Van Quan – Lang Son is a tourist destination that attracts many people every year because of the sheer beauty of the mountains and forests, the sweet scent of the large aniseed hills, especially the anise festival.

Arriving in the city of Van Quan, visitors seem to be overwhelmed by the specialties of this region. Roast pork at Van Quan, Lang Son is famously delicious and has become a popular dish all over the country. The pig is very roasted, golden brown and crispy. This is a popular dish every day, not just parties, funerals and weddings.

Next up is the Huu Le Village Leaf Wine. The Huu Le wine gives a delicious, mild taste and does not cause any headaches because the raw materials are the pure ingredients for the people of the Huu Le community themselves can make and grow.

In particular, one of the specialties that resonate throughout the region to become a trademark of the Van Quan district, the Long Son must be mentioned is star anise.

Star anise is used as medicine as well as spice in everyday dishes. But because anise has 5-8 petals like a flower, it is popularly called anise. The Van Quan star is becoming more and more famous through the Anise Festival. This is considered to be the typical cultural and artistic space of the region.

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