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If you have the time and the opportunity, I would appreciate helping a remote community. Aurukun, Queensland. from janelle Cape York Partnership reached out earlier this week to ask for old magazines. here is the note:

Good afternoon. My name is Janelle and I work in a remote community called Aurukun, where most of the community is in Centrelink and struggles daily because food is too expensive to eat here. This is a community with many disabilities and issues affecting all the community people I work with at CDP that require anyone at Centrelink to come and see us, sometimes it’s too busy and means sitting and waiting for a long time. I approach you to see if some of the older magazines like That’s Life, Take 5, Australian Geography, Football, Hunting have a chance to be given. Also find any old basic Puzzle/Business type magazines, kids too. It doesn’t matter to them if they’re monthly, they’ll just have something to sit and look at while they wait and then we can forward those to the Aged Care Center for the patients there. I hope this is possible and I look forward to your reply, thanks a lot Janelle

I spoke with Janelle and discovered that they could use a lot more than old magazines. They can also use pencils, coloring books, children’s toys and gifts.

Instead of sending returns, we sent a number of current magazines and 30 Beanie Boos and some coloring sets from each of my shops. I cite this as an example of what any newsstand can do if they want to help this organization.

I am grateful to receive calls daily for help from local and other groups.

This message from Janelle resonated.

If you can help, I’m sure the Aurukun community will appreciate it. Here is the iOS address to send any donations:

Janelle Ainsley


508 Kang Kang Road

Aurukun 4892