I’m a nursery worker and if your child doesn’t stop crying when you drop it, that’s really what we think.

A nursery worker explained what the staff really Think of a time when a child couldn’t stop crying at drop-off time.

While the team usually offers polite answers to the question, TikToker Nursery Nurse he spoiled what he wanted to say in his usual funny but brutally honest way.

The Nursery Nurse explained that it didn't help if a parent had to hang around while leaving school.


The Nursery Nurse explained that it didn’t help if a parent had to hang around while leaving school.Credit: @thenursery_nurse/Tiktok
Nursery Nurse was brutally honest about it in funny skit


Nursery Nurse was brutally honest about it in funny skitCredit: @thenursery_nurse/Tiktok

In the short clip, The Nursery Nurse played a skit where she talks to a parent.

“Parent” said: “His last nursery sucked! He cried for hours at the handover!”

To this the Nursery Nurse replied: “This must be terrible for you!”

“Parent” later said: “It was! I couldn’t leave until I stopped crying, so I would hang there for a long time at the handover.”

At this point the Nursery Nurse stopped being polite and explained to the overly attentive parent: “It’s you baby.”

She explained: “Parents’ guilt is totally understandable, it’s our job to ensure they get the love and comfort they need to settle down. [The little one’s] needs come first.

“Many of the kids cried at the handover when they first started, but they loved coming in at the end. We have family photos to help in the first weeks.”

Others agreed immediately, saying they felt that a parent’s behavior ultimately upset the child more.

One said: “Parents don’t realize that their stay is making the situation worse!!”

Another agrees: “Oh, you should go. My daughter cried the first day. I cried on the commute for an hour, only to take a picture of her happy as Larry ten minutes later! They’re always good.”


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