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‘I’m angry!’ – CBS Boston


BOSTON (CBS) — ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith watched as Brad Stevens was promoted from head coach of the Boston Celtics to president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics, despite having no front-office experience in his basketball career. in spite of. Smith observed that this was a serious issue for many candidates who never had the opportunity to get the job they wanted.

Smith spoke out about his objection to the move and acted desperately, even as he walked away from the camera to make sure he didn’t say anything to get himself in trouble.

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“Aren’t there African-Americans who are working hard in the field and trying to be officials in the National Basketball Association? Last time I checked, it was the same thing,” Smith said. “We coaches on the sidelines. Let’s see; they don’t want to be the head coach? They have been assistants for years.”

Not only did Smith object to the Brooklyn Nets appointing Steve Nash as their head coach last year despite having no experience, but Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving also gave their full support to the move. He thus said that Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown should object to Stevens’ elevation in Boston.

“This is Boston. Tatum is your star. Jaylen Brown is your star. We understand the role they play in social justice issues, especially Jaylen Brown,” Smith said. “We need to be woken up. We must understand that George Floyd’s knee on the neck was not just about violence and police brutality. It was also the figurative form that it provided, where you’re constantly feeling like people have their knees on your neck ever since you came out of the womb. We’re talking about all these things, and people are ready to say, ‘Hey, Stephen is bringing a race. Oh Stephen A. Parenting George Floyd, and comparing it to [Tim] Tebo.’ No, I’m not. What I’m saying is from a figurative point of view, what we saw and that lifted the nation up and inspired simply, it was because what we saw were signs and symbols of how we felt as a people – Constantly being marginalized, constantly being undervalued, constantly being underrepresented, underrepresented. “

Smith’s biggest issue was not with Stevens’ promotion, but with NBA players not promoting black and/or other people of color as legitimate candidates for the league’s highest-profile jobs.

“In the world of sports, where you find friends with guaranteed contracts, earn money that will secure their generations – generations of family – you hesitate to speak up. You have the players, the NBA players the most powerful in this world.” Some of the guys are, when have they spoken for Black coaches?” Smith asked. “When?! When have they spoken for Black coach and Black executive, GM, president of basketball operations? When has this happened? LeBron, all of them, everybody! Where the hell have they gone? Nobody has done anything.” “

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Smith pointed out that the NFL has a so-called “Rooney Rule,” which requires teams to interview at least one racial minority candidate for coaching and front-office job openings. But he also noted that the rule did not bring the appropriate level of diversity into actual hiring decisions.

“You know what? I’m about to walk away,” concluded Smith. “I’ll just back off, because I’m afraid I’m going to say something that might get me in trouble. Because I’m jealous. I’m angry!”

In another segment on “First Take”, Smith explained that Stevens had a “dubious” relationship with “the Marcus Smarts of the world”, and that it does not make sense for Stevens to be elevated to the status of Danny Ange. was going.

“You see, these are moments where I get the nerve of people, white America in particular, and the NBA community in particular. Because I point out that being a white man is beautiful. It’s just beautiful,” Smith Said. “You’re a question mark as a coach in the eyes of some, including Boston. But somehow, somehow, you’re going up. And the lack of opportunities for African-Americans continues to shrink and shrink.” is going.”

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Smith concluded: “Somehow, Brad Stevens – who I love, who I think deserves to be a head coach at this level – has had a shaky season, and he’s going up. That’s my reaction to it. . I really don’t give a damn about anything else related to the Boston Celtics right now. That’s where my brain is. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing sometimes. It really is.”


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