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In an absolutely stunning house with its own banquet bar


Party ሚሊዮን 1.2 million dream of a stunning party barn hit the housing market.

The former gardener’s hut on the historic Baion Manor estate dates back to the late 18th century.

Beck Hill, Telby, has an open plan kitchen, dining and living room, four reception rooms, five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

But that’s not all because he has a gym, a glass house, barns, buildings and especially a party barn.

With Rightmove, there is an amazing piece of jewelry with the words “Every last detail is carefully thought out and lovingly chosen”.

Outside, it has an “unobstructed view” in the “wonderful setting”.

A statement on the actual Move said: “The water is slowly rolling along the northern boundary of the property, which is further enhanced by the changing natural colors along the stream.

After spraying the beck, the private entrance is to the right of the property’s enclosure outside the door.

Inside, this beautiful home continues to impress, providing all the necessary activities and welcoming family spaces.

The 2.7-hectare property is on the market with Mundes for £ 1,250,000.

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