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In Game 1 victory, David Pasternnak, Bruns is too much for the islanders


BOSTON – There are too many David Pasternak and their own chances are too few. It was easy for the inhabitants of Island in Game 1 and it was a problem for the rest of this second round.

The Brush won 5-2 on Saturday night, before being stunned by Teddy’s garden at 17,400. The teams play the same defensive-structured game and inflict heavy penalties and direct skating.

But Bruns has a pastor who made a hat-trick with his top linemen Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand. They combined for six points and Tukuka Rask had to make only 20 saves. Ilya Sorokin stopped 35 rounds of ammunition for Icelanders.

Game 2 is on Monday night before the transfer to NASA Colise.

Long Beach Charlie Macau crossed the blue line through a screen shot by Nick Richie and Pastornak finished his hat-trick at 15:50, giving Bruce a 3-3 lead in the third period at 6:20.

Richie came out of the box 18 seconds before Macau’s goal after serving Brennes’ most men’s penalty. The Bruins were so quick to execute that the islanders were seized with two bullets.

The Islands went 5-2-1 with Brines in the regular season and won all four of them, but Bruns Taylor interrupted all three games after scoring – a power-play in the third 18:35. Season – from breakers

Coach Barry Trots said the key to the series is simple and easy if it is easily accessible.

“A team that can get to the game and stick to the longest and fastest of their games will be successful,” Trots said. “The funny thing is that we both play very similar metaphors in order and in DNA. We have a lot of the same elements. It should be fun because we don’t know we’re going to play, so many of our games might say the same thing.”

This is the third time since 1983 that the teams have met in a qualifier.

“We’ve played them eight times this year, so we really understand how they play each other and what we need to do to be successful,” said Casey Sicikas. Draft games are different animals and you play each other in a row and the poles are bigger. At the end of the day, we know how to play against them.

Of the eight regular matches between the two, five were relegated to the third round.

Game 1 was like that.

Pastornak’s second goal gave Bruns 2-1 in the second half. For all the brilliance of Sorokin’s game, he wants to give up long interceptions and Pastornak scored twice this time by saving Patrick Berger after the first shot.

Defender Adam Pellek, however, quickly blocked the game with a quick shot from the blue line at 2:12:34. In the second session, he was one of four islanders.

After clearing the capitals in last Sunday’s game, Bruns had a long break in the series, but there was no rust in their games. The islanders defeated Penguin in a 5-3 victory over Colombia on Wednesday.

According to Matt Martin, each group treats things differently, the rest can be hurt, and the men of the party can help you. They are a good hockey team.

The teams had their first power-scoring goals, with Bruns tying in 23.3 seconds in the first half after Pastornak’s return from left-back Andy Gren with a whistle for 32.3 seconds.

Anthony Beauville scored a hat-trick in the third straight game and four goals and three assists in the final game to give Island defender Noah Dobson a 1-0 lead at 11:48.

The island’s population was 18 to 8 in the first session and 49-20 in both cases.


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