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In praise of Samuel L. Jackson’s performance in Jungle Fever


You are welcome Queue — Your daily distraction from curated video content sourced from across the web. Today, we’re watching a video essay explaining how Samuel L. Why Jackson’s performance in Jungle Fever rules.

Watch If Cannes Film Festival Film Invention A new acting category to recognize your performance, you’re doing something right. In 1991, Samuel L Jackson Won Cannes’s first Best Supporting Performance Award for his role in the fictionalized Gator Purify Spike Lee’s jungle Fever.

racial tension and a tense storm of romance, jungle Fever Flipper (Wesley Snipes), a successful, married black man who considers having an affair with his white work colleague (Anabella Sciorra). Flipper’s racial, class, and romantic concerns are intensified by the appearance of her charming older brother Gator (Jackson), whose cocaine addiction leads her to constantly turn to friends and family for money.

The video essay below explains, exactly, what makes Jackson’s performance so remarkable. It also touches on why, in retrospect, it is this performance that announced the actor’s arrival as one of the most powerful theatrical forces in Hollywood.

As the essay wonderfully notes, Jackson himself was only out of rehab for a week. my own struggle with addiction When he started working on the film. All told, as Gator, Jackson makes a scene-stealing performance; An electric, sly and tragic depiction of the ups and downs of self-destructive substance abuse.

clock”Why I Love Samuel L Jackson jungle Fever:

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This video essay about the performance of Samuel L. Jackson jungle Fever But comes courtesy of good people little white Lies, a film-obsessed magazine based in the United Kingdom. leh singer wrote and edited the video, and Adam Woodward produced it. you can follow little white Lies on twitter Here. And you can check their official website Here. You can subscribe to their YouTube account Here.

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