Home Entertainment In the first trailer of ‘Juniper’, Charlotte Rampling is an enthusiastic grandmother.

In the first trailer of ‘Juniper’, Charlotte Rampling is an enthusiastic grandmother.


In the first trailer of ‘Juniper’, Charlotte Rampling is an enthusiastic grandmother

By Alex billington
31 May 2021
Source: youtube

“Most people like sunset … I like sunrise.” Transmission Films has revealed the first trailer for a New Zealand indie drama titled Juniper, Marking the directorial debut of filmmaker Matthew J. Saville. The crazy time they spend together changes her life when a self-destructive teenager is suspended from school and asked to take care of her feisty drunken grandmother as punishment. . George Ferrier Stars as a boy who finds himself rethinking life when he meets Ruth, his strong-willed grandmother, and a former war photographer. Charlotte Rampling along with the stars Maarten Sokaso And Edith Poor. It certainly looks like a spirited short film about life’s challenges, including how to deal with your family. Rampling looks like he is at the top in his game here, a complex role with many layers. I’m surprised it hasn’t been shown at any film festivals, it seems like the perfect film for festival audiences.

Matthew Saville’s here. Is the official NZ trailer (+ poster) for Juniper, directly from transmission youtube:

Juniper poster

Since the death of his mother, Sam (George Ferrier) has been on a self-destructive spiral that could lead to his death. Sam was not with his mother when he passed away and has been feeling embarrassed ever since. Actually, he is planning to take his own life. By the time he returns home from boarding school, he comes in to find his wheelchair-bound English grandmother, Ruth (Charlotte Rampling). Ruth is a pre-war photographer with a longing for life and a love of the bottle. Sam soon finds himself deeply confronted by his drunken wit and chutzpah. Their first meeting is strange; His second violent. Things take a turn for the worse when Sam finds himself alone with him and his nurse Sarah on school holidays – a disruption that messes with Sam’s plan to take his own life. The battle for supremacy ensues, one that Ruth eventually wins when she drinks Sam under the table. Sam puts his plans to die aside and begins to find inspiration and meaning in his photographs of his grandmother’s longing for life and as a war photographer. Juniper Both written and directed by a New Zealand actor/filmmaker Matthew J. Saville, followed by a few other short films, made his feature directorial debut. As far as we know, it has not premiered at any festival or elsewhere. Transmission Films to debut Seville Juniper Opening in New Zealand cinemas 26 August. No US release date has been set yet.

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