May 9, 2021


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Incentives have been added to the vaccine movement

Free beer, pots and pans. Savings Bonds. Opportunity to win an all-terrain vehicle. Locations around the United States provide incentives for people to slow down immunization activities and for Americans to increase their immunity.

These relatively small, mostly corporate, promotional efforts have been accompanied by intensive and far-reaching attempts to send vaccinated buses to neighborhoods to deliver vaccines in cities such as Chicago. Detroit is offering $ 50 for other people traveling to vaccines, and will send staff beginning Monday to help residents register to shoot at every door in the city.

Public health officials say their efforts are crucial to reach people who have not yet been vaccinated because of uncertainties or difficulty making appointments or getting to the vaccination site.

Kentucky Public Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Steck said, “This is the way we put this epidemic in the rearview mirror and move on with our lives.

Meanwhile, numbers are declining and more activities are taking place around the United States. After more than a year of closure, Disneyland opens on Friday, and Indianapolis plans to reach 135,000 viewers by the end of May.

Still, overcrowding in the Pacific Northwest has prompted the Oregon governor to impose sanctions on several provinces, and his Washington counterpart is expected to do the same.

Demand for vaccines has begun to fall around the country, and health officials are very vulnerable and eager to get the vaccine, which they hope will happen once they get it. Vaccination is now moving to a new, more targeted phase.

“This will be a more groundbreaking game to address the needs and concerns of more segments of society,” Stick said.

Nationally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 82% of people over the age of 65 and more than half of all adults have received at least one vaccine.

Vaccines, however, reached a peak of 3.2 million daily in mid-April, down from 2.5 million last week.

As the demand for mass vaccinations in areas such as stadiums is declining, some state and local governments will no longer require full vaccinations from Washington. And many large vaccination stations and pharmacies are making appointments for people who don’t need an appointment.

With the transition from large stations to pharmacies and medical providers, Pfizer At the end of May, the two-dose COVID-19 vaccine will begin to be shipped in small packages, he said. The new packages contain 25 bottles, each six in size, instead of 195 bottle trays.

The stagnation in the United States is in stark contrast to the situation in many parts of the world where vaccines are needed.

Demand for wood and land in the northeastern state of Washington has plummeted, with Matt Shahanz of North East Tree County Health District’s next attempt.

Seventy-six percent of residents in Pende Orelle County and 78% in Fury County have not been vaccinated, and the vast majority of Stevens County has not been vaccinated once. Weeks a week ago, with a peak of 500 daily appointments, only 35 people in all three districts received their first follow-up by the health agency on Wednesday.

Eschanges supports the efforts made so far in the three districts where the health facility is administered: newspaper advertisements, billboards and letters. Drive vaccination sites on stage and fire stations. Call Center and Online Schedule. Delivery to pastors, Republican elected leaders, entrepreneurs in the timber industry, and aluminum boat manufacturer. TV and radio interviews.

“Have we reached that filling level?” Shanz asked. “How many people do we have who are not serious people, and how many trustworthy and dependable parties?”

“People say, ‘Jess, I don’t want to be a government experiment,'” he said.

Chicago officials are planning vaccination sites for holidays and block parties, and are working with hair salons and hair salons to combine free services with vaccines.

“The idea here is to bring the party, bring the vaccine and in fact this is a great way for people to get vaccinated,” said Chicago Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwadi.

Many companies have announced that employees will take time off to receive the vaccine. Elisa Hankes, 31, works in Houston for one of the three male operators.

Before President Joe Biden announced a taxable trade to allow small businesses to get vaccinated or recover from their effects, her employer began subsidizing.

“I have a few friends who work where the vaccine is not a priority for management,” Hans said. They unequivocally told me how lucky I was to be able to work where I could.

Dr. Eric Topol, head of the Script Research Institute’s Interpretation Institute, said employers should take paid leave and other incentives are needed to increase immunizations. He applied to West Virginia, which is offering a $ 100 savings bond to young adults who get their vaccine.

“We need health systems and universities to order immunizations – no one can work without the vaccine or work in campus,” Topol said. He also called on the public to “disgust” against anti-vaccine websites and activists.

Other companies are entering the marketplace.

Anyone who made sure they got the vaccine started giving Crisppe cream one donut a day. A movie theater in Cleveland is offering free popcorn by the end of this month.

Many marijuana outlets in the country offer cannabis treatments or free spinning joints. Linn On April 20, marijuana advocates in New York City and Washington offered “joints for japs ​​joints” to encourage vaccination.

Some breweries around the country are offering “bullets and bullets.”

The Northeast Sound Health Corporation, which traditionally has low immunization coverage, has 15 clinics in Norme and western Alaska across the country, including airline tickets, money to buy all landscaping vehicles, and $ 500 for goods or fuel.