Incredible moment shark is eaten by massive fish that fishermen watch in shock – World News

Captain John Brossard was stunned when a huge Atlantic grouper devoured a black-nosed shark he caught in Goodland, Florida, and took down the fishing line.

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Incredible moment shark is eaten by massive fish

This is the brutal moment when a shark devours a massive fish.

Captain John Brossard said he and his crew were stunned when the black-nosed shark they hooked was swallowed by a piece of a larger fish.

Mr. Brossard, who was sailing out of the American city of Goodland, Florida, then looked in disbelief as the Atlantic gravel swam away with its catch and broke the line.

He said: “We were basically shark fishing when all of a sudden two or three groups of goliaths started hanging under the boat waiting for the catch to come in.

“We were just thinking ‘wow, incredible! Something will eat a shark and it is bigger than a shark. “

“We were very surprised. Basically ate that shark and took down and broke the line.

The fishing crew caught a black-nosed shark but it was swallowed by another fish


Author: Pen News / John Brossard)

“We used a 50-pound test line and that was not enough.”

John said the prey was a black-nosed shark, estimated to be three feet long.

Groupern meanwhile weighed about 500 kg, he predicted.

He added that they fished in a place that could be dangerous even for the most terrible predators.

“Where we fished is basically the Florida Everglades,” says Brossard, 57.

“There are sharks, alligators, crocodiles, pythons, dolphins and octopuses in one place.

The huge beast ate the shark for a while


Author: Pen News / John Brossard)

“It’s the only place in the world that has all these creatures in one place and everything there is trying to eat everything else.

“Bull sharks have been seen being eaten by crocodiles and alligators at times, and sharks are also eaten by larger fish there.”

He added: “Where we fish it is quite wild.

“That’s why we fish there – and what we like to catch is big fish.

“They’re all predators in the Everglades. You do not want to get lost there and have to walk or swim home.”

The Grouper weighed about 500 kg, Captain John Brossard predicted


Author: Pen News / John Brossard)

The meeting has also left John, who runs Shark Chaser Charters, wondering if sharks deserve their scary reputation.

He said: “Do they deserve all the hype?

“Sometimes I think yes and sometimes no, but usually not.

“Of course, if you get in their way, on their territory and the water is dirty, well, they will taste you to see if you eat well.”

The huge fish was seen in Goodland, Florida


Author: Pen News / John Brossard)

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