May 7, 2021


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Indiana governor vetoes legislation banning local health orders

State of Indiana Eric Holbesb (R) On Tuesday, Vetto objected to a draft limiting state of emergency to the Department of Environmental Health.

Holcomb b Letter Local health departments said responding to the COVID-19 pandemic was a key part of the region’s efforts to control the disease.

“At the moment, it is very important that we maintain all the tools we need to keep our environment healthy, flexible and responsive,” he said.

“We should not do anything that could endanger the health of our heroes as we accelerate our recovery in the coming months and work to vaccinate many more,” he said.

Indiana lawmakers can easily vote in favor of the Holcomb Veto in both chambers Associated Press Report as soon as next week.

GOP supporters The account He argued that COVID-19 was intended to protect the ability of businesses to operate after ordering limited operations in the state.

The AP argued that the draft proclamation would transfer power from them to other elected officials.

The action came amid a battle between them The Holcomb and Republicans in the region are under the authority of the administrator. Last week with Holcomb By filing a lawsuit Against the legislature.

The governor was indicted after they voted to repeal a draft law that would give the legislature more power to participate in declaring a state of emergency.