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Industry legend Philip Kotler, father of modern marketing, Marketing 5.0


In this interview Aamir and Philip Kotler Speak about the inspiration behind the initial marketing book and how the series has evolved over time. Also things like social media have had an impact on marketing and his most recent book, Marketing 5.0. Philip also notes a possible marketing 6.0 and the reasons why it is imperative to update the series every few years.

Evolving Marketing with Industry Veteran Philip Kotler, Marketing 5.0

Philip Kotler is an American marketing writer, consultant and professor. He helped create the field of social marketing that focuses on helping individuals and groups modify their behavior toward healthier and safer lifestyles. He also coined the concept of “demarketing” to aid in the task of reducing the level of demand. He also developed the concepts of “prosecutor,” “atmosphere,” and “social marketing.” He is considered by many scholars as the “Father of Modern Marketing”. He has also released numerous books like Marketing 4.0/5.0.

Amir Najib is a student journalist at Coventry University who is currently a trainee at Irish Tech News, with major interests in sports, entertainment and cryptocurrency. He hopes to one day work in the journalism industry where he is doing multimedia on subjects he enjoys. Twitter – @4mirN9

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