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When it rains it rains – and boy is it raining over most of eastern Australia right now? For those of us in NSW, there was a lot of excitement about post-curfew haircuts – but due to this unsavory weather, my hair was in a constant state of frizz. And that’s nothing compared to what our farmers are experiencing right now. The flooding was particularly bad in the state’s midwest that NSW Farmers, the state’s top agriculture agency, is urging state and federal governments to expand its latest natural disaster declaration. Justin Everitt, chair of the NSW Farmers grain committee, said support measures will be crucial as growers report floodwaters have completely covered their crops – many focused on saving their homes from this year’s harvest. Now that La Nina has lifted her very damp head, there won’t be any delays anytime soon. In fact, Eastern Australia has already been marked as a “wetter-than-average summer”. The outdoor summer we’ve all dreamed of is coming! NSW Police are also battling brutality in their ongoing investigation into the disappearance of William Tyrell. Detective Chief Inspector Darren Bennett, Director of NSW Police State Crime Command, said that despite the rain they were “very pleased with the progress so far”. Our Prime Minister found himself in the middle of another storm with another Coalition MP crossing the floor. Tasmanian MP Bridget Archer broke the ranks and crossed the floor to support independent MP Helen Haines’ attempt to install a federal anti-corruption watchdog. Prime Minister Scott Morrison had to turn down the allegation that he had lost control of Parliament. Labor said she wanted some kind of “kangaroo court” that led to former NSW Prime Minister Berejiklian’s resignation last month. “Those who oppose want to support the kind of demonstration that has seen the most shameful attacks on the former prime minister in NSW,” he said. “As far as the people of NSW know, what was done to Gladys Berejiklian was a disgrace.” Morrison quickly changed his mind, promising to provide an honesty keeper until the 2019 election. Maybe another backflip? Meanwhile in the NT, remote communities near Katherine are still battling a COVID-19 outbreak. Senior Binjari community members said the rumors circulating on social media “hurt people they claim they care about”. “We don’t need people out there creating another flood for us,” the statement said. “We’re under lockdown because we’re having the biggest fight of our lives,” he said. Did you know that you can receive this daily summary by email? Sign up here NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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