Infuriating idiots and absolute praise

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A NEW hotline to protect women, the rise of Insulate Britain and Matt Hancock were topics of discussion. columnists in the newspapers.

Sarah Vine says the BT CEO has come up with plans for a new emergency phone number designed to protect single women after the death of Sabina Nessa and the murder of Sarah Everard.

“The 888 number” can even work as an app and enable anyone to monitor their friends or family’s progress at home, triggering alerts if they don’t reach their goals within a given time period,” he said. No, as usual politics thing.”

Said to blame – as alleged radio 4’s weekend PM program – that the plan could be ‘positively harmful’ as it enables women to take steps to keep themselves safe.

“Yes, let’s work for a safer way. world for all,” he said. “But in the meantime, let’s not make the best the enemy of the good. [this] The idea can only help keep one person safe, it will be worth it.”

Daily Express

“These infuriating idiots are isolating England,” said Paul Baldwin, and he was eventually dragged off the road.

“It’s about time,” he said. “We have endured this mob of mildly insane and insidious fascists for too long. You’re going to be in trouble, as they said in the ’70s.”

He said the police, with their ‘inexplicable inaction’, would have to take their fair share of crime to ease and escalate the situation.

“We pay for strength to protect and serve us – but they prefer to signal virtue and interpret reality. law to comply with the awakening strategies of his forces,” he said. “As a nation we tolerate error and generally oppose violence over debate, but how many of you are cheered to see these idiots dragged in by their own members of the people they thought they were here to save? I know I did.”


Rupert Hawksley has said that Matt Hancock has been in pretty good shape for himself since leaving the Government.

“There was a holiday in the Swiss Alps; First attempt at the London marathon; and now it’s an exciting new job.” “Hancock announced last night that he will be taking on the role of United Nations special envoy working ‘to help the African economy recover from the Covid-19 pandemic’.

“The letter from Vera Songwe, secretary general of the UN Economic Commission for Africa, appointing Hancock to this post is clear. No mention is made of the lives lost or the fact that Hancock’s previous boss, the prime minister, described him as “totally useless”. He obviously did a good interview.”

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