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Ingraham blasts Fauci as ‘man who cried COVID’, wonders if days are numbered


fox news host Laura Ingraham opened on wednesday “Ingraham Angle” Was wondering if Dr. Anthony Fauci The days as NAIAD director are numbered a Email repository released showing that he was repeatedly warned that covid Could have been engineered in a lab, something he publicly denied pretty much last year.

Ingraham: These emails should mark the end of the road for Fauci. He allowed taxpayers to fund the Chinese lab that created the virus that crippled the world and killed millions. And as these emails show, he and his teammates launched a desperate campaign to cover it. Was it because they were worried about their reputation? As far as the role of the media in the coverup is concerned, he not only defended Fauci, he devoted himself to his obsession with ousting Trump, and it all continues to this day.

We know that a lot of people inside our government, big tech, and media weren’t inspired by science or health, but were inspired by what was going to help defeat Trump. This is why conservatives do not trust the experts and globalists they serve. Trump didn’t destroy his credibility – he did it himself.

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