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Innocent spectators expose Karen link to Matty’s death after bomb blast


Viewers of the TV show Innocent on Tuesday night admitted that many of the characters were guilty of secrets and lies.

From false evidence to mystical passages, the last part has mixed up all kinds of theories.

Following the arrest of his wife, Sally, Karen appears to have been interested in Sam’s way of life before they were together.

She and Beth Betty are clearly hiding something, and fans believe they are somehow involved in the murder of Matt Taylor.

When he was killed five years ago, Matt was charged with murder along with his teacher, Sally.

ITV Innocent showed a big hit in the second episode, and now fans believe Karen and Anna are both linked to Matthias’ murder.

She was released just five years after her death, after new evidence showed that she was not involved in the crime.

Salim has been accused of having an affair with student Matt, but this is not the case, according to Anna Temp.

In the meantime, the audience learned that Matty’s father, John, was not his biological father – and that his mother was now covering up the mysterious man.

Viewers on Tuesday night at ITV Innocent admitted a number of characters were guilty
Viewers on Tuesday night at ITV Innocent admitted a number of characters were guilty

The main questions remain throughout the session – who killed Matt, and why?

About a year before Anna died, it was revealed that she had been dating for a short time, but she soon became disillusioned.

Although he was busy spying on her, engraving her name on her chest and storing her belongings in a box.

When she saw him spending time with her teacher, Sally, she became jealous and believed that they were related.

Some fans thought Karen could cover Bethany
Some fans thought Karen could cover Bethany

Now the audience is asking if the characters all connect with each other in some way and what happened to Matt.

One theory is that Karen Sam asked Salin if she wanted to get out of the way, and maybe he would pay her to lie about what she saw.

Others wondered if Karen’s daughter, Bethany, could be covered.

“Did Karen Anna Sally expand?” One viewer tweeted.

By Steve Arnot

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Another said, “I think she is Karen’s daughter, and she will take care of her.”

The third one added: “I think she did or did not see her mother.”

Meanwhile, a fourth spectator commented on Anna’s thoughts, “According to your opinion!”

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