Instant access to support services for those with alcohol and drug problems in North Lanarkshire

People struggling with drug or alcohol problems in North Lanarkshire will soon have faster and longer access to rehabilitation and support services.

Rapid access to treatment, support for more people to access treatment, immediate response services to help people, and greater use of residential rehabilitation facilities will help people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and support their families.

Members of the North Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board heard this week about the North Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drugs Association’s (NLADP) far-reaching plans to tackle addiction problems in the region.

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Dr Avril Osborne, chairman of the board, said: Lanarkshire Live : “North Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership’s plans to help people struggling with alcohol and substance problems are welcome and very encouraging.

“There is not only a very clear vision of how people with addiction problems can benefit from effective support to achieve recovery, but also a tight focus on prevention and early intervention.

People in North Lanarkshire will have better access to services for alcohol and drug problems

“It is also important that children and families affected by alcohol and drug use are safe, healthy and supported while their loved ones recover.”

Working with the Scottish Government’s National Mission Priorities, NLADP aims to: provide prompt and appropriate access to treatment and support; improving frontline drug services; Ensuring immediate response of the Services for those who need support and maintaining it for as long as necessary; increase residential rehabilitation capacity and use; Take a more unified approach across services to address core issues.

Rehabilitation and support services will be accessed faster and longer.

In addition, anyone who accesses the service will have access to independent advocacy and support for their housing, welfare and income needs.

Paul Kelly, vice chairman of the board, Councilor tell us “It is very positive to hear that NLADP will try to identify people who need support earlier and target resources to improve health and well-being.

“Improved access to residential rehabilitation for those who want and is clinically available to them, has the potential to be a real support for people determined to recover from alcohol or drug addiction.”

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