Insulate Britain warns M25 will become an area of ​​’civil resistance’

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INSULATE UK has warned that the M25 will become a “place of non-violent civil resistance” from today.

The climate group blocking the road has urged drivers to avoid the highway from 7 a.m. or reduce speed to 20 mph “to minimize the risk of accidents”.

He said it was as a Government response. National Highways has issued a new court order banning traffic-blocking activities on England’s 4,300-mile motorway network and major A-roads.

Argus: Insulate Britain warns of disruption on M25Insulate Britain warns of disruption on M25

This is the fourth measure taken in response to Insulate Britain’s protests.

The fact that the activists closed the roads to traffic for 15 days since September 13 devastated the drivers who were stuck in long traffic queues.

Protesters have frequently targeted the M25, England’s busiest highway and crucial to businesses and commuters in the South East.

Argus: Isolate Englandisolate England

Insulate Britain said in a statement: “We are not concerned with eternal orders. We are not concerned with our fears. We are concerned with fulfilling our duties and responsibilities during this ‘result period’.

“From 7 am on Wednesday, October 27th, the M25 will be a place of non-violent civil resistance to stop our government from committing crimes against humanity.”

The group, an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, wants the government to insulate all UK homes by 2030 to reduce carbon emissions.

The statement urged National Highways to enforce the 20 mph speed limit on the M25 to “keep the public safe”.

He also called on the police to “refuse to arrest us as we support the British constitution and refuse to obey any government that does not fulfill its first and foremost responsibility”: the protection of the people in England.

Violators of the measures may be in contempt of court, which is punishable by a maximum of two years in prison or an unlimited fine.

However, prosecution for this crime usually takes several months.

More than 100 Insulate Britain activists have been presented with court documents regarding injunctions, the Department of Transport said on Tuesday.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps said: “We are using every means available under existing law to try to prevent the continued life-threatening action taken by Insulate Britain that is causing intolerable disruption to the lives and livelihoods of drivers.

“This new precautionary measure will ban activities that block highways and major A-roads throughout the country.

“Besides the immediate measures we are taking, the long-term solution lies in changes to the Police. CrimeThe Criminal and Courts Act, drafted by the Minister of the Interior, which gives additional powers to counter destructive protests targeting critical national infrastructure.

“This includes unlimited fines and jail terms of up to six months for blocking highways.”

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