May 9, 2021


Your News Buddy

Interview with Colin Gunnell, Co-Founder of Cash Flow Management Platform: Penny Freedom is a unique cash flow management platform that enables small businesses, freelancers and self-employed to create, send and finance invoices. Users can invoice their clients for free, with the option to advance their invoice payment within 24 hours (from invoice verification). Our primary goal is to help all SMEs improve cash flow, by ensuring that their invoices are paid in full, on time.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

After working with different SMEs we have repeatedly heard the same problem. They were all struggling with cash flow, and no one really supported them.

People who want to support them are just looking to do it in a selfish way, meaning SME’s are struggling to support themselves month to month. So, we wanted to come up with a service that would help.

How did the company thrive during the pandemic?

So, we saw tons of things! Primarily we find that clients take longer to pay, which is understandable, but not forgivable. I think businesses have forgotten that there are people on the other end of these businesses, people who have to pay.

We have also seen large clients, funders and banks etc, who say no to helping people. They say no to helping the people and businesses they once helped. Finally, we see how important mental health is when owning a business, there are many mental health issues with business owners, and the pandemic has only exacerbated these concerns and stress. .

What can we expect to see from Penny Freedom in the future?

We want to help businesses want better control over their cash flow. We want to help business owners have the luxury of having one less thing to worry about. Owning a business is extremely stressful, and you have hundreds of things to manage, we want to help businesses not have to worry about their cash flow.

We continue to listen to our current clients, and to our future clients, so that we can build services around what they want, and need.