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Invisible Inner Exposure – Space


The mound of plastic waste was increasing day by day.

When the shape reached the ‘Utkarsh’, the ‘boys’ would burn it and watch it go up in flames.

These were all kinds of plastics:

From electrical items to plastic utensils…

From furniture waste to garbage packages…

From pharmaceutical products to cosmetics…

Unlimited list.

But these ‘plastics’ do not remain dormant before burning.

Their material can be retained in their structure but still suddenly dispersed into the environment in many ways.

The mess that plastics and related products bring into our lives is unimaginable.

Yes, they look like they’re dormant on our backyard shack, but they’re not polite.

But there is an even bigger concern.

And that is the danger that such synthetic materials pose to us inside our homes and sometimes without our knowledge.

Take for example the cosmetics used by our women which may contain traces of harmful substances called phthalates.

In substances Not only are they known to mess with the reproductive system, but can cause organ damage if inhaled over a long period of time (at significant doses).

Using cosmetics and perfumes containing phthalates at home can increase their levels in the air indoors.

But phthalates aren’t the only issue of concern when it comes to indoor air quality.

Exposure to harmful airborne pollutants at home can occur through products such as:

carpet more clothes…

vinyl Floors…

detergent And personal care products…

electrical equipment…

Construction Coatings…


Even though these products are useful, some of them are manufactured using substances that can compromise our health if we are exposed to them for a long time.

And this is the main point because these consumer products are found in our homes.

Exposure to indoor air pollution can be a concern.

Why is indoor air pollution important?

because we spend more 80% of our time inside buildings at any given time…

Whether in our home or office.

in conclusion

Probably the most practical way to deal with indoor air pollution airy.

And I hope that this series of writings about indoor air pollutants will inspire us to take indoor ventilation more seriously.

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