May 6, 2021


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IPL 2021: Dan Christian breaches contract, Bangalore requests the removal of the video in which the pacer appears XtraTime

Photo courtesy BCCI / IPL

Xtratime Web Desk:
Daniel Christian has reportedly violated the contract rules laid down by Royal Challengers Bangalore. He has appeared on Show and has spoken a few words regarding his franchise leader Virat Kohli who is not good with team management either.

On this show, Dan Christian allegedly told that Virat Kohli only attends “half” of team meetings that are arranged off the field. After this comment on his Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise, he actually requested that the video be removed. Australian cricketer Dan Christian can be seen joking with New Zealand cricketer Kyle Jamison about how the player refused to kneel Virat Kohli into the net. It has now been removed from the Grade Cricketer YouTube channel.

The channel’s host, Sam Perry, stated that Dan Christian had personally asked them to remove the videos. Christian received a breach of contract warning for appearing on The Grade Cricketer. Kyle Jamison also received a warning to appear on the show. Berry added that due to Dan Christian’s respect, the video was removed. He said, “Earlier this afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, this is not a joke but it is very funny, but it is not a lie. Dan Christian informed me that he received a breach of contract warning after appearing on The Grade Cricketer earlier this week.”