May 7, 2021


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IPL 2021: Delhi put in a dominant bid to beat Kolkata with seven wickets | XtraTime

Image Courtesy: BCCI / IPL

Mihole Bhattacharya: Delhi Capitals defeated Kolkata Knight Riders with seven wickets thanks to a dominant opening partnership between Prithvi Show and Shekhar Dhawan in Delhi today in the Indian Premier League (IPL 2021). They ended the chase with a 3.3 overpayment to spare in large part to Prithvi Show’s hit show.

The first rounds saw a slow start for KKR, with Rana faltering early after being hit by Axar Patel’s delivery. Some reasonable DC bowling limited them to a relatively decent 45/1 performance overall after 6 times. The game’s course changed completely at once, when Morgan and Narain left to get a duck. Gil left in the same period of over five years, thanks to the arrest of Avesh Khan’s extradition. Towards the end of the KKR innings, Andre Russell hurriedly beat him, which led them to a score of 154/6 on 20 increases. Russell scored 45 goals for KKR, while Jill scored a slow 43. For DC, Axar Patel and Lalit Yadav each had two blades each.

DC Innings got off to a great start thanks to Prithvi Shaw, who played some explosive cricket to take them to 67/0 at the end of the last period of powerplay. Shikhar Dhawan played a relatively passive role, letting Shaw enter his area and hit the ball around the park. They had reached a 100-round partnership by the time Round 11 had elapsed, and throughout the innings, Shaw never looked to slow down. Their impressive partnership was ended, however, at 132 rounds, when Dhawan was trapped for a pound in 46 by Cummins. Prithvi Show’s 82nd brilliant roles were then ended shortly after, by a catch, which was followed at the same time by Punt’s dismissal. This wicket didn’t have much of an impact on the final score even though Delhi finished the game on 16 runs, and it ended up at 156/3 in 16.3 sums.