IPL 2021 | I didn’t think much of myself and just wanted the team to win, Prithvi Shaw admits


After scoring 82 matches out of 41 deliveries, Prithvi Show admitted he didn’t think too much about his personal score but just wanted to take Delhi on the streak. He also revealed that his goal was just to punish bad balls, outside the torso where he could free his hands.

Since the Australia tour, the Prithvi Show has actually “reinvented” himself into a completely different cricketer, with tons of rounds over the past two months. The golden race, which started in Vijay The Grail Hazari, With a score of 827 points, with an average of 165.40 and a strike rate of 138.29, it culminated in the success of the IPL.

So far, at IPL, only Shaw is trailing Shekhar Dhawan And the Fav Du Plessis, In the scorers’ list, with 269 points in seven games, with an average of 38.42. After another match-winning hit, scoring 82 of 41 deliveries, Shaw admitted he didn’t think much of himself during the roles. Shaw preserved the fact that the team’s victory far outweighed the personal accolades he received.

“On this wicket especially when the spinner was bowling, it wasn’t coming very well on the bat. It was pausing a little. I was waiting for them to bend towards me on the torso or outside so I could free my hand. When I’m there, I keep playing and not thinking about it.” Result… Don’t think about myself, I just want the team to win, ”Xu admitted in the post-match presentation.

Shu identified the initial momentum of the capitals, with six boundaries off Shivam blueis over. Mumbaikar also revealed that he was waiting for Mavi to deliver guards for him, unfortunately, he never came his way. What came his way instead, was a half-barrage, beating it all over the Earth.

“I wasn’t thinking anything, to be honest. He was just waiting for the loose balls. We’ve been playing for four to five years now (with Maffi), so I knew where he was going to be thrown at me. I was ready (for the short ball). The four or five balls were. The first I throw is a hemisphere, so I was ready for the short ball but unfortunately, it didn’t hit.

Speaking of his suffering, Shaw indicated his father’s support, who wanted him to live his “natural” game. However, the DC editorial remained unfazed by the appreciation, adding that many more failures would come his way, with his hitting style.

“No, we haven’t talked yet (with Sehwag) but if I get the chance, I would like it because he’s the one who likes to score the first ball. My father supported me very well. After I got back from Australia, I wasn’t happy with myself. My father just asked me to play my game. “I set all these words a goal for me and worked hard. In cricket, the charts will go up and down, and a lot of failures will come my way.”

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